Mummy Coach!

The different names I've been called the past 4 years are so funny! By my two little darlings of course. I've been called, Bwmbwm, Mama, Mummy, Mammy, Mam, Mum, Silly and the most recent one is Mummy Coach! I have been called a lot more but can't remember most! It's so funny what these little ones come out with isn't it?

How do they think of all these silly names?! I have no idea. It makes me laugh though. I asked Mia why am I Mummy coach and her reply was 'Urrrm cause you are mummy coach!' straight to the point I guess ha ha!

What do your little ones call you?


  1. Usually now it's Muuuuuuum as the boys yell at me for something from far away!

  2. I am Mami, but I often get a maaaaaam in a singsong voice when they want something or I even get the odd 'oh mother' when I have miffed the teens off somehow!


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