Our Week!

We've been very busy this week! When Summer started I said to myself that I wanted to keep busy through the holidays and also keep the kids busy to, so far I've kept to my word. This is what we have been up to this week;

Sunday was a very unplanned day actually. We decided to go to Bangor to go food shopping and to visit my Dad as my little brother was there (My little brother lives in South Wales and he is up in my Dad's for 4 weeks through the summer!). As we were on our way to my Dad's I had a call from Dad asking if we wanted to go to a place called Llanfairfechan with him, my brother, Nain & Taid. At first I wasn't sure because we really did need to go food shopping that day. So we decided to go food shopping first then go out. But we made sure we weren't out for very long because it was a really hot day and we didn't want any food going off in the boot with the heat. It turned out to be a really nice day. It was really odd coming back home, as Mia usually comes home Sunday evenings but she was in her Dads until Tuesday for a change.

Monday I actually can't remember properly on what we did. But if I remember I think we stayed at home and my Dad came over with my little brother.

Tuesday I had a day out with Elliw, Catriona and Osian (my nephew). We planned to go to Beddgelert which is a really nice place to go for a walk with the kids. We also had a picnic, it was light rain but didn't bother us! It was a really nice day. The kids really enjoyed themselves. PLUS Mia came home today! Missed her way too much. In the evening my Dad came over with my little brother so he could see Mia because he couldn't wait to see her!

Wednesday was Day 1 of Elliw's potty training! She had a few accidents but did 3 pee's on the potty!! Very proud!

Thursday was planned for about a week! I went on the bike with my dad, brother and the girls. I was pulling the girls in the trailer and we rode 13 miles! My legs are still aching me! Was a good day though. After the bike ride, we took the kids to the park. Elliw also did #2 on the toilet!!

Friday was day 2 of Elliw's potty training (we didn't count Thursday). She had 2 accidents in the morning but from 11am onward she had no accidents at all! Iwans mam came to visit us too. I did a lot of exercise up and down the stairs this day since Elliw loved going to the toilet when she didn't even need one!

Saturday was a very shocking day actually. As we usually go food shopping on Saturdays, we decided to keep Elliw in knickers. We were out of the house for 4 hours and she had no accident! She had dry knickers all day! Day 3 of her potty training and she knows when she needs to go to toilet, and she can hold it until she reaches the toilet too! So proud of my big girl!


  1. sounds like you had a lovely, busy, family-orientated week, lots of memories to savour!

  2. You've been busy! We had a quiet week apart from our day out with you. Osian was ill most of the week apart from that day :( xx

  3. Well done with the potty training! Sounds like she's doing so well!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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