Potty Training.

Potty training is a big and exciting step for both parent(s) and child! It can be filled with a lot of happiness and a lot of stress too. Many people find it easy and many find it difficult but at the end of the day every child different and every child will get there in the end. Potty training my first child was much harder than potty training my youngest. My youngest Elliw has done brilliantly so far, update of her will come Sunday! So keep a look out if you're interested in her updates.

When shall I start my child to potty train?
This is the first question most people think of 'when'? It can be quite hard to work out when but there are signs, here are a few signs -
- Child recognises what the potty/toilet is for.
- Child recognises when they want a pee/poo.
- Child recognises when they are wet/dirty.
- Child starts saying potty/toilet/pee/poo or any other word meaning they want to go toilet.
- Child takes nappy off. (This is a maybe!)

Usually most children start 2+ years. I did start Elliw not long after she turned 2 years old but stopped as she was having lots of accidents and I was under lot of stress with sorting mia's problem out too. However, we started her back a week ago and we've conquered it! So maybe that's an idea for you too. At the end of the day it is the child who needs to be ready.

How to start potty training?
A few people have asked me how did I start potty training with Elliw. Well it's quite simple really. I made sure I chose a week where I could stay in all week so she could run freely with no nappy or knickers to start off with. The 3rd day I started putting knickers on her, She did do 2-3 accidents but she got used to the knickers afterwards and ever since too! Here are a few things I have done to start and carry on Elliw potty training -
- Leave potty in site.
- Ask them every so often (not too much).
- Take them to potty/toilet every half hour-ish.
- Praise them EVERYTIME.
- Encourage!

Praising Elliw on the toilet every time she went for a pee or even just went to sit on it has really helped her stick to it! Every time she goes to toilet she always looks up at me with a big smile as she knows I am about to praise her. We sing songs, do high-fives and dance around! It's actually really fun!
Starting potty training is one thing but carrying it on can be harder I think. It can make you stop doing things a lot, especially if you have a child like my Elliw. She will not use the potty, she will only use the toilet! Which is good however she goes to toilet up to 20 times a day and it can be very tireing going up and down stairs constantly through-out the day! But I do turn my frown in to a big smile so she knows im proud of her for doing so well. There have been a few things I have done to carry it on -
- Reward chart.
- Treats.
She doesn't have big treats, but she will have a chocolate or a small toy as a small treat.

Going out whilst potty training.
This was the part me and my partner were most worried about. The 3rd or 4th day of her potty training we had to go food shopping but we decided to leave her in knickers. She stayed dry all day! We have been out a few times after this and she has never had an accident whilst we have been outside. One thing we are struggling on is, she will not sit on public toilets so we are going to have to start taking out the spare toilet seat for her to sit on whilst we are out because we don't want her to hold it in so much it makes her ill! That is the last thing we want to happen whilst potty training her.
There are a few things you can buy whilst you are out with a child learning to potty train, there are travel potty's around which are handy!

DON'T Do's during Potty Training!
Once your child has the hang over potty training you do not want it to go the opposite way again! Best thing to do is always praise your child when they go to toilet even if they haven't had anything. Do not show that you are fed up of going up and downstairs constantly.
Do not give them a row if they have an accident.
Don't show any negative feelings when they are learning to potty train.

Have you any tips on potty training?
How long did your child take to potty train?


  1. She's doing so well! Potty training is something I'm not really looking forward too. I agree that it's when the childs ready is the right time to start. I keep getting told by someone to start at 1!! xx

  2. Sounds like she's doing well. I am not looking forward to potty training, some great tips and advice #mummymonday


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