Our Deserved Break.

The last time me and Iwan went on a break for a night in a hotel was when I was pregnant (early weeks) with Elliw and that was back in 2011. We went to Blackpool for my birthday! We couldn't do much as I used to get terrible nausea and pain every evening. Over last weekend just been we went away to Chester Friday until Saturday afternoon. We go to Chester to do Christmas Shopping and we have done this for 3 years now in a row. We love shopping there! (Yes even my partner does!) He was even a bit more excited going to Primark than me too. I think we were both more excited to have a break, going somewhere where it was just me and him. Mia was in her Dad's house and Elliw was in her Nain's house. It was actually really nice being able to go shopping and having no pram to push, having to keep your eyes on your children just incase they run off or throw a tantrum. We really enjoyed ourselves.
We decided to go to Cheshire Oaks first before we went into Chester itself, it was quite disappointing! No idea why we went there because we didn't get anything last year either. We only got a few bits this time, but I guess it is better than nothing. Our check in time for the Hotel was 3pm and we had finished in Chesire Oaks about 1.30 so we decided to waste time by going to Audi and Porche garages. Yes we sat in the cars and looked at every single car on the sites ha ha! It wasted just over a hour or so. We then decided it was time to go to our hotel and st*pid me only typed in the postcode of the hotel so no wonder we were going the wrong way! We went around the same round about 5 times! We finally realised my mistake and typed in Travelodge Central on the Sat nav! and we finally found it. We were quite gutted we had to park a bit further down from the hotel and we had to pay £9 (that was with 20% off with Travelodge!).
That evening we decided to go out for food and we chose to go for Thai Food! It was pretty hot for me but I did enjoy it. We then went out for a few drinks, it was a really nice change. It felt really weird going into a pub with my partner to buy drinks because we hadn't done that before only to the local pub which was probably about a year or so ago! It was such a nice change. It felt like our first date ha ha! We didn't know what to say too eachother ha ha!
We really enjoyed ourselves and we can't wait to do it again. We've decided that we might do it on the weekend of our 4th Year Anniversary but maybe somewhere different, we will see.
Saturday, I was up just before 8am!! I was wide awake and couldn't get back to sleep. Why is it when you have no kids with you, you still wake up so damn early! Ha ha. We both got ready by roughly 10am and we went out shopping into the centre.
We were back home by 3pm-ish. I was quite gutted we were back home but don't get me wrong it was really nice to be back home with Elliw and I was picking Mia up the Sunday morning from her Dads. It was a really nice and well deserved break. I think every parent deserves a break now & then.

How often do you go out for a break?


  1. So there is life after baby?! I have a 10 month old and dearly miss my hubby

    1. YES! :)
      Make time to yourselves. Say YES to babysitters :)

  2. So glad you had a nice time. This is something Andy and I need to do. We've never left Amelia yet so need to have a night away before baby boy is born I think. I'm just so nervous haha! But do miss doing things we used to do before kids xx

    1. Thanks Kerry. We loved it. I actually think it has made our relationship 10x stronger too. When we were away it felt exactly like the first time we went away 3 years ago!
      Loved it!
      You both should have a break, will do you both good Kerry. x


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