Greenwood Review.

One thing I really love doing is have family day trips with my partner and our two daughters. We were kindly asked if we would like to review a place called Greenwood, which isn't far from me so I said yes straight away! I've always wanted to take the girls there for a day out but I wasn't sure if they were too young, or if Elliw was too young so we were lucky enough to have been given this opportunity. We decided to go in Half Term and my partner took a day off work. We go there around 10.30am - ish. I think we got there the right time as there wasn't that many people there to start off with but about an hour to two hours after it started to get busy!
We were really excited to go there as it was a change since we havent taken the girls out for a family day out for quite a while. I was a bit worried that it was going to rain or bad wind but luckily the weather was perfect all day, it wasnt too hot and it wasnt too cold. It was light rain for some of the day but not alot so we couldnt complain. We decided to stop in Morrisons on the way and buy some lunch there to take in with us.

The first thing the girls went on was the mini diggers where the child has the control of the digger to pick up the sand and drop it back again. Mia understood more but my partner went to help them both, but i am pretty sure my partner enjoyed it the same as Mia but maybe a bit more ha ha. There was a place in the outside cafe where the children could play with some blocks and huge connect 4! They wanted to go on some tractors so we took them there, Mia absoloutley loved it! Elliw didnt understand that she had to actually press her foot down to move the tractor but it was so funny to watch.

The girls loved the little slide where you sit in a sledge! We actually came back to this about three times because Mia kept wanting to come back so yes, we walked around the place around 3 times ha ha! My partner took Elliw on the big one with his, i thought she was too young but she wasnt, they let her go and i'm glad too as all she did on the way down was smile! She absoloutley loved it and i know Mia would of loved it too if she would of gone on it but she was too scared and enjoying herself too much on the small one as in the end she didnt want me to push her, she did it herself! God knows how many times she went on it ha ha but atleast she was enjoying herself.

There was a huge playground there! Mia went on with my partner first as i had the bags and the coats so i took elliw into the other playground which was a bit better for her but she ended up going on the huge one with my partner in the end too! Mia was scared and wanted to come back down, i'm not quite sure why she gets so scared about things now but maybe she copies me or maybe its her age? Anyway, Elliw loved it! Yet she is a right little rebel and will try anything.

As we walked around there was a few things you could do. There was a huge climbing frame but was a bit too old for my girls. There was a big bird cage and opposite was some rabbits which were really cute. You could go on a boat too which we did! I went on it once and my partner and the girls went on it a second time (after the 2nd time we walked around). We had to paddle our selves and pull the boat along with the strings that were hanging from above us, the girls loved it but yet again i think my partner enjoyed it more! haha, he is such a big kid with things like that. we went to take the girls to go on a pony ride, if i am honest i did feel so sly as the pony on the back didn't look too happy! But i am sure they were just tired, but i did tell my partner they are not to go on it again if we pass as i didnt feel right paying for my girls to go on it, even though they enjoyed it.

We did go to start queing for the rollercoaster as we persuaded Mia it would be fun, but the que was quite big and the machines to move the rollercoaster to it's place and the lift that carries the people to go to the other side (confussing i know) we found they were going so slow and there was deffintley at least a 20 minute or more wait so we decided to miss it! We had to persuade her again to come from there, i felt bad but i didnt want to waste time. They happily found somewhere else to play. Also, we ended up back on the slides and the tractor before we decided to leave.

Overall, there is alot of things to keep you busy through the day in Greenwood. I would say it is deffintley for 2.5 years+ no younger. There is a soft play area for the younger ones but if you are paying to go there i would say 2.5 or older. We had to pay to use the mini diggers, tractors and to go on the pony. They were all £1 each and the pony ride was £2 each if i remember. We all really enjoyed our day there and i think we will be making another trip there next year in the Summer again.

Greenwood Forest Park - Visit their website for more information and prices. 

* We were sent a Free Family Day ticket to visit Greenwood Forest Park free of charge in return of an honest review. ALL Photos are mine. ALL words and opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds like an amazing fun day out, your two girls look like they're having great fun.

  2. It's these sorts of places that makes me wish I was a little kid again as it seems so so fun!! And looks like a fab day out :) x
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