Every single morning we have the same routine, getting out of bed have breakfast then get Mia and Elliw changed and then I will brush and style their hair. Every single time I finish doing their hair they turn around with a huge smile waiting for me to say something to them. That word they are waiting for from me is 'Beautiful'. I started doing it when Mia was a very young age, I want both my girls to know they are beautiful and no one else can say different. They come up to me sometimes with a big smile on their face waiting for me to call them beautiful. I want them both to be confident in their looks and I do think my girls are so beautiful so I'm just making sure they know it too!

Do you do a similar thing with your child?

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  1. Aww that is such a lovely thing to do! As a child I couldn't go to bed without saying 'goodnight see you in the morning love you lots' haha!!


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