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These past few weeks I have brought the topics Kids Fashion into my blog and I am actually really enjoying it! I love buying new clothes for Mia and Elliw. Mia can be so fussy with her clothes, nearly every clothing I buy her she won't wear it. I'm sure I have probably spent over £100 on clothes all together and she doesn't like them or won't wear them. Last week I bought her some gorgeous brown boots from NEXT on the sale, I opened them (delivered at home) and the look on Mia's face! She was disgusted and just replied 'i'll try them tomorrow ok mam'. Did she No. Another £22 wasted. I'm in two minds of keeping them for Elliw but they are 2 sizes to big so she might not even fit in them until next year, are they really worth keeping until then?

My favourite outfit this week for Elliw has been this adorable t-shirt and leggings set from NEXT. I added the cardigan too which is also from NEXT. The shoes I put with these are pink ugg boots from NEXT. I think the colours go well together and really suit Elliw. When I first saw the outfit in the shop I just had to pick it up and buy it! The t-shirt and leggings set was only £10 but smaller sizes were £9. If I remember rightly the cardigan was around £9 and I bought that online. The pink boots were in the NEXT sale at £10.

Even though they have too many clothes I still look around for more, I don't know why either! I look at NEXT website quite often - so you can probably tell I am a bit obsessed with NEXT, however I won't spend silly and I won't spend 20 odd pounds for a t-shirt, I will look around but if something catches my eye, then I click 'buy'.

Summer is coming by so quickly so I have been looking for more Summer clothes for Mia and Elliw. These are a few of my favourite Summer bits i'd love to buy the girls this Summer.

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  1. So cute! I love the top! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. Cute outfits! I'm always buying too many clothes for my toddler, I think I've got a problem with t-shirts especially....I just can't resist a cool tshirt! xx


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