For the past month Elliw has been walking everywhere. The pram has been in the same place for atleast a month. It feels really strange that I don't push a pram anywhere anymore. I don't need to squeeze past vehicles when silly drivers think it's ok to part on the pavement. I do miss coming home quicker and sooner, I now have to walk a little slower so my 3 year olds little legs don't get too tired.

I've been through to many prams with Mia. I did learn my lesson a bit when I had Elliw. When I fell pregnant with Elliw I knew Mia wouldn't walk most places so I wanted a pram that was suitable for both. To being with I was going to buy a single pram and a double but I found out about the iCandy Pear. It is a double pram which can also turn into a single! I never really took any photos of them both in the pram but as you can see, Elliw is a little higher up in the pram (photo above) because the bottom seat is behind. It was an ideal pram. I could turn it into a single whilst Mia went to her Dad's on the weekend. Mia started walkin everywhere so I got Elliw a pushchair. That broke. We got a 2nd hand pushchair from my partners cousin. The wheels were a bit wonky after a while, luckily I found a good pushchair in the charity shop for £7 but the wheels on that started to go weird so I bought one on sale from Smyths. That was the last pushchair I bought, and the one that has been in the same place for a month!

Mia wasn't out of a pram at Elliw's age, I think she was out of it when she was about 4 years old. I think Elliw feels like she has more freedom now. She understands a lot, despite her delayed speech. I love Mia and Elliw holding hands when they are walking and running (sometimes). We sometimes walk the long way home after school. A path where they can both run ahead of me. I love seeing them both having that freedom. Mia finally has someone she can have a race with or play games with.

The first day I decided to walk Elliw to playschool and pick her up without a pram was a disaster! It was a huge mistake. I had to phone my mother-in-law to pick us up as she was not budging from the floor. I took the pram the next day but thought, i'm not going to give up! She now walks to school, from playschool, walk to school again to get Mia and walk back home! It sure does tire her out by bedtime, but she still manages to wake up 2-3am, then again at 6.30am!

So for now, it's bye to the pram!



  1. I hated it when my girls came out the pushchair i do wonder sometimes if it would be quicker just to put summer in her pushchair cos she would quiet happily go into it and let me push her. but she is too big and nearly 4 years old.

  2. Dexter is just turning 2 and already refuses his buggy. We have 2 of them, A quinny buzz 3 and a joie stroller and both are currently redundant. I have a 45 min walk each Tuesday to slimming world when I insist he goes in it becuase its a long way near lots of roads but most other journeys are buggyless. He tells me he wants to walk and I have to firmly tell him that if he wants to walk, I cant carry him, he has to walk all the way but this obviously takes forever. His dad is softer than me tho and carries him on his shoulders.

  3. It is such a big step moving away from having a pram. I felt both happy and sad when my boys grew out of needing one.

  4. It's funny how they still find the energy to get out of bed in the middle of the night! Grr! I'm hoping when Harry starts school in September, it'll stop! :) x

  5. Ah it's such a big step growing out of the pram and a bit of a bittersweet one too. We rarely use the buggy anymore, but even at four and a half if we are going out for the whole day we take our double buggy as my eldest wants picking up all the time! ;) x

  6. It's a big step moving away from the buggy! We still have one for the wee girl for longer walks (or to keep her contained!) but on our recent trip to the UK we didn't take one with us, and we got on fine. It was so much easier not to have to take one!

  7. Well done, this is just happening at our end now. Just little steps though as Eden is only 18 months old, but she likes to walk cutie. If we're out for the day I take the buggy but at nearly 3 Judah has been out of his since I sold the double last year, buggy board worked for a while but he'd rather walk xxx good luck #ordinarymoments

  8. I've been pushing a pram for nearly six years and probably have about another year to go. It will be strange to not have it anymore. Thanks for sharing on the #BlogFair.


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