Obstetric Cholestasis In Pregnancy

O B S T E T R I C  C H O L E S T A S I S
I N  P R E G N A N C Y
I remember standing by the kitchen door at 16 years of age telling my Dad 'I've been really lucky I haven't had no problems or morning sickness with this pregnancy' as I was pregnant with my first child. I'll never forget the night at 30 weeks pregnant when I woke up itching all over, and I mean ALL over. I woke my Dad up and I told him I couldn't stop itching and it was really worrying me as I had no rash and no spots to be itching. By the early morning face was red as I had scratched so much so me and my Dad had a look in the book the midwife gave me and took a look online too, after seeing the work 'Obstetric Cholestasis' // 'OC' and reading about it then seeing that I had the symptoms I decided to phone the midwife and we had the early appointment. I had blood tests taken and got sent to hospital straight away for monitoring. From that day onwards my pregnancy was hell. I was put on a lot of tablets and given some cream which did help the itching in the end. I fell pregnant again with my second child at 19 and I had the hell pregnancy again but it started a little earlier at around 20 weeks.
The main symptoms for OC is itching on palm of hands and palm of feet.
Another symptom is itching all over your body constantly.
Itching with no rash.
W H A T  I S  I T ?
Not many people and not many midwives/doctors know or even understand OC which is a real shame. OC is basically when your bile acids don't flow properly and they build up in your body instead and it could be a potentially serious liver disorder. You will need tablets to help you and you will need tablets and cream to help your itching.
W H O  C A N  H A V E  I T?
It can run through your family, however you could be the first and only one to have it. Just like me! No one in my family has had OC in their pregnancies. However, they do say if a woman in your family has had gallstones then you could get it from that and my Grandmother on my Mother's side had gallstones so it could be from that. Once you've had it in one pregnancy you are very likely to get it again in future pregnancies and if you have a girl and they fall pregnant they may have a high chance of getting OC in pregnancy too.
W H A T  A R E  T H E  D A N G E R S?
Women with OC are more likely to be have babies born premature or to be stillborn but the percentage has reduced now because of more people understanding more about it apparently. Because of the risk, even if it is a small risk now, you can be offered an induction at around 37 weeks or sooner if needed.
W H A T  T H E Y  D O  T O  H E L P
The midwives were fantastic helping me. I was in hospital getting monitored every week and getting bloods taken every week too. I was given cream and tablets to help my itching and I was given tablets to help my bile salts and to help the OC.
P R E G N A N C Y  W  I T H  O C
Having OC with both my pregnancies really didn't let me enjoy my pregnancies as much as I would like to. I lost a lot of sleep especially with my second child. I had sleepless nights for quite a long time and then I fell into depression because I was so tired plus loads of other things were running in my mind. It really does stress you out having OC when you're pregnant. I got induced at 38 weeks with Elliw (2nd) and at 39 weeks with Mia (1st). The itching is unbearable and you would no way cope without any help from tablets or cream. It is from head-to-toe and there is no words to describe how horrible it is constantly itching all day and every day. The itching and the OC stops after you give birth.
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