Fathers Day

I love Fathers Day. Not often will you get people praising a Dad more than a Mother but I am finding more and more people who were brought up by their Fathers instead of their Mothers {many reasons}! I am one who was brought up by my Single Dad. I thank him for making me the person I am today. I can't help but sit down and think 'how would my life be if I lived with my Mother?' It's just something I think, but will never know and I am glad. My Mother didn't want me anyway so in a way I can thank her too for telling the courts she couldn't be bothered and chose her abusive partner {at the time} over her kids. I don't get sad anymore. I'm happy. I love my family.
- M Y  F A T H E R -
My Father is my hero. He has done pretty much everything for me. When he had full custody of me and my brother he decided he had to quit his Full Time job so he could be a Full-time Dad to us because he did night shifts, it was pretty much impossible to get someone to babysit us every night. He loved his job. He still misses it. When I had started Secondary school and my brother finishing Primary school he had found a job in a local primary school. The hours worked around us. Infact, he had two jobs. He is a lollipop man and a Caretaker. I'm not embarrassed of telling people that is my Dad's job. There are to many judgmental people in the world. He has now worked in that school for over 10+ years. Everyone around where we lived loved my Dad. He was the parent that came out and played football with all the kids! It was such a laugh. He also has a son {my other brother} with his ex girlfriend who lives in Llanelli, South Wales. He used to drive down South Wales every weekend but has now cut back to go down every fortnight because of his health. It's a 4-5 hour drive.
My Dad has done so much. He had to play the Mum and Dad and he's done fantastically well. He took us out to so many places. He has always been there for us. Even though now, I don't see him as often as i'd like to, it is his time now. He deserves to be able to do things that he wants too now. Things he wasn't able to do when he was bringing me and my brother up. Things that he likes to do.
I am so greatful for everything that he has done and sacrificed for me. I really do appreciate it.
- M Y  G R A N D F A T H E R -
Just like my Dad, my Taid is my hero too. Never could I ask for a better Taid in my life. He is truly one of the best. Even though he is my Taid he can act like a big kid at times which is what I love about him! Everytime we used to visit them when I was younger he would always switch the telly on and say 'Tom and Jerry!!' in his silly voice. Although he would be excited to watch it, he would always end up falling asleep {and snore, of course}. We would wake him up and he would never admit that he had slept! My Taid could sleep anywhere... and I mean anywhere. Even the Cinema! Yup that's right. The place with the big screen and loud speakers and always full of people. My Taid sat behind me once and I had someone tapping my shoulder asking if I could wake my Taid up because he was snoring so loudly. Embarrassing but so funny looking back. Again, my Taid has always been there for me. So many lovely memories and many more to come.
Yesterday {Fathers Day 2015} I gave him his present and he cried. I didn't like to see him crying. His gift was a collage photo of me, the girls, my partner and the rest of the family. Mixed of old and new photos.

My Taid and my Dad mean the world to me. They really do.
Hope all those Real Dad's out there had a wonderful Fathers Day yesterday.

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