Making Memories

Growing up without a mother figure in my life I knew that once I had children, I knew the wrong and right ways of being a Mother. The biggest thing I wanted to do was to make memories with my girls. I want them to turn round to me one day "do you remember that day when..." and remembering that they enjoyed it.

I don't have great or many memories with my own mother. I remember the first time I ever went clothes shopping with her and that was when I was 16 years old. I remember she told me I could have something that didn't cost more than £5 because that's all she had. We went to about 3 shops. Another memory that stands out and a memory that I enjoyed was the Summers we went down the river and had a BBQ. I really enjoyed those times. She was married at that time. She still wasn't a great mother, but she was a little bit better than she was. She still didn't keep to promises and still let me down but we did do more things, taking my brothers and sister to the park but after the marriage broke, it went back down hill again. It felt she had to have a man in her life and if she didn't then she was and is just pretty useless.

The main memories that live with me is the time I really needed to talk to someone but she said 'don't tell me your problems because I have some of my own' and the times she promised to take us places, and never did. I don't want my girls to have memories like this. I want them to have good memories.

This is the main reason why I love going out with my girls and partner as a family. I love spending time with mine and my partners family. So we all have lovely memories to look back on. I love going for walks and days out. I love going on holiday, even if its just for a couple of days. Even indoor activities or outside in the garden. Anything is a memory right.

If you know me personally, you will know that anywhere I go I always take my camera or my iPhone to take photos. I love taking photos to capture those lovely moments and look back on them in a few months or years time.

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  1. I love your attitude. You're absolutely right, even the simplest of moments can be a perfect memory. I love standing in my kitchen doorway and watching the boys play together. One of them will inevitably look up, see me and smile and then get lost again in watering the plants. Such an everyday thing but it always feels so peaceful and just right.


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