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Sunrise started way back in 1981, founded by Paul and Terry Klaassen. There are more than 300 Sunrise Communities in the UK, USA and Canada. With 27 communities in England and Wales. Sunrise do Residental, Dementia and Nursing care and is a people-centred service.

I was recently asked to take a look at some recipes and given some money towards ingredients to do some recipes. The Recipes I chose to do are the ones shown below. Luckily, both me and my partner like cooking and ever since changing our eating habits just over 2 years ago, we love cooking from scratch. Home-made cooking always beats a ready-made meal, doesn't it?

Sunrise's Award-Winning chef's have plenty more recipes for you too see if you click HERE.

When cooking your own foods, I think it is very important too see how much calories, salt, fat, saturated fat, sugars etc you are taking in whilst eating. I personally look at what I am eating now, especially now that I am wanting too loose weight so I do find it quite important, personally.
I loved every single recipe shown above. The Onion soup was delicious, although next time I think I will try without the alcohol. I didn't have too much as it was a starter. My partner also enjoyed all 4 recipes. My particular favourite was the Bread and Butter Pudding which I really enjoyed. I didn't know it was so simple to make either! Although I burnt it a little, I think I did the temperature wrong. It was still tasty, with custard of course!
{As you see, I did burn it but honestly, I really enjoyed it and the taste was so yummy!}
* I was paid £20 to buy some ingredients to do some recipes and in return I wrote a post with links. All words and opinions and images are my own. Unless stated otherwise. (The recipe photos are by Sunrise, they are not my images).

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