Weight Loss Journey | Update

You may have read my last weight loss update. I said I would update you all every week but in all honesty I went against the idea of updating every week. In that first week I gained. Not a lot but I still gained. The second week I lost 3lbs! YES! 3lbs! I was over the moon. I was happy. Aswell as loosing 3lbs, I lost inches too. I then, gained 6lbs. I feel sick. I am devastated.

The week I lost
I was on plan 100%. In fact, I wasn't 100% with Slimming World, I just chose the right things. I stayed under 1600 calories a day. Some days less than 1500, but the thing was, I wasn't hungry. I never left my self hungry. I had my five-a-day. I ate healthily and I even enjoyed a cup of tea and American pancakes in wetherspoons TWICE that week! I took the calories from the menu for them and I still stuck under 1700 calories in those days. Some days I would of had a bigger lunch and a smaller tea. I stopped snacking in the evenings and if I fancied something then I would have just had a yoghurt and a fruit. I also drank a lot more and the main thing that put me in a good mood was I was doing my home workouts. I lost 3lbs and I lost inches. I was happy. I went down to 15 stone 3.5lbs.

The week I gained
The day I weighed and lost 3lbs, I went out in the afternoon for a few drinks then I had a night out with friends that night. I ate a kebab later on that night along with all the jaggerbombs and alcohol I had. Of course, I was hungover the following morning. I had a mcdonalds breakfast, a kebab for lunch {did not eat all of it though!} and I also had fatty things for the rest of the day. I didn't feel right for a good few days. I ate whatever I wanted and didn't exercise much either. I didn't feel good. I felt horrible. I gained 6lbs. Was all the wrong foods worth it? Not at all. Not to be 15 stone 8 3/4lbs.

What I will do differently this week
When I woke up this morning, something clicked. I stood in the mirror and I had tears in my eyes. My body is disgusting and my body is not me. Today {Sunday} is the day I change and go back to that week I lost 3lbs. I am aiming for 4lbs loss this week. So far I have done fine, but it is only 11.15am! But I am determined to stick under 1600 calories a day. Choose the right foods and not to be to obsessed either. I want to go out for more {and longer} walks like I did and start working out at home again. I want to feel good and I want to loose this week!

I can't promise that I will update again next week, but I will try. If I feel like I want to then I will. If you want to see how I do then you can follow me on my Instagram account lifeasmumblog_SW.

But otherwise, I will update you all soon.


  1. I literally just posted on my Facebook about how I had to go to the store today to buy my very first pair of "mom" jeans. I have to admit I cried in the changing room. I love my daughter but she wrecked havoc on my body. It's been an up hill struggle ever since. So after my little cry fest I have promised myself I will get up tomorrow, strap my daughter into her stroller and walk until I can't feel my legs. I won't taking crying in the stall as a sign of failure. I'll take it as the turning point of the new me. I know you can do it too! I believe in the after birth bod.

  2. Don't beat yourself up about the gain. Although it's not nice having it, you've got to live a little and it sounds like you had a good night out. Remember it's a marathon not a sprint and at least you are trying!

    Chin up and use the negative to have a really positive week!

    Thanks for joining up to #SWS


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