What I Expect From A Childcare Day Nursery

Just a few weeks ago I started thinking about Childcare settings. My first job was working in a Nursery looking after children aged 3 months - 12 years. Mia was with me so I have been quite lucky with not having to try find a nursery for her to go to whilst I worked.

When I started my previous job as an after-school play worker last year I had too choose a nursery for Elliw. Again, Mia was in the club with me, Elliw was too young. Honestly, I had no choice on which Nursery to put Elliw in seeing as we only have one nursery in our village. I was a little bit nervous putting her in there because I am not keen on someone who works there, but hey! I needed my job and there were other people there in the nursery too who was bound to look after her good. Elliw loved it there so I was happy. Although, that woman who works there never communicated with me at all. Still doesn't.

Right, so another Nursery in a town near me pretty much shocked me a few weeks ago. I was walking through town one mid-morning and there was about 5 nursery nurses/assistants there. Some holding childrens hands/reigns and some pushing prams. So then, it sounds like they are going for a walk right? Or maybe popping to a shop to get some bread or something for the nursery? Maybe the manager asked them to go fetch something {even though they should be stocked up anyway!}. But no. They were shopping. I saw them in one shop, then the next thing I saw two workers going into New Look and the rest standing outside the shop chatting away whilst the children/toddlers and babies were waiting {standing and sitting in their prams}. To me, this is wrong. If I pay a childcare to look after my child, I do not expect them to go clothes shopping during work whilst looking after my child!

When I used to work in a nursery we used to take the children for walks, and once we went into a vegetable and fruit market kind of shop because we wanted more fruit as we were going to do activities for the kids that afternoon. We also took them for walks to a race track where they can all stretch their legs and run about. We took them out and they had fun!

We are parents. We know children and babies DON'T have fun shopping. Right? So why are these childcare workers taking these kids out shopping? But hold on a second...

This is the THIRD time I have seen them do this.


I find it pretty shocking. The nursery costs roughly £35 - £37 PER DAY!

If I was to pay that much for my child to go to a nursery I expect them to -
  • Take good care of my child.
  • Write down about my child's day.
  • Tell me anything important when I drop off or pick my child.
  • Carry on the routine I have set from home.
  • Take them out on day trips.
  • Take them out to the park or for a good walk where they run around.
  • Let them have fun.
  • Do activities with the children.
Am I wrong to be so wound up by this? I'd love to know your opinions.


  1. Oh my god! That's disgusting! I would be mortified if I found out my daughters nursery did this!!! I pay for my child to be educated, cared for and to play in a safe setting - surely they shouldn't be allowed to do that?!?!



    1. Exactly!! Why on earth would they take the children SHOPPING with them?! They sure had a look/dig off me!!

      It's the 3rd time I have seen them and surely I don't go town often! x

  2. I could understand it from a childminder, as it's getting tasks done while hopefully teaching the kids patience, maybe turning it into a little experience for them etc, but SB goes to nursery and I can't imagine the nursery workers doing something like this! Thankfully she's at an amazing nursery who surpassed out expectations totally - she leaves for the summer on Tuesday and I'm so sad!

  3. I worked for social services and this is a big no no , i would have reported it to the manager as this cant be right. Parents are paying for their child to have fun and learn not to stand outside shops while people shop and as a parent i would want to know if something like this was happening . xx

  4. I don't think you are wrong to feel the way you do if you are paying for a service you expect to get it and more especially with the most precious things in the world your children, I have a personal dislike to nursery's well in fact any child care but sometimes it cant be avoided but you are right in every way #BinkyLinky

  5. That's really bad and I'd be pretty annoyed if the people looking after my children did this. You have every right to feel annoyed. Sorry the comment for last weeks #BinkyLinky is a little late, we were on holiday and only got back late last night!


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