Sofa Cuddles

Very rarely do I see the girls having cuddles on the sofa. The other morning I came downstairs and I caught them cuddling each other on the sofa, watching TV. So I quietly went to the kitchen to get my camera and caught them on camera. Of course, after they saw me taking a photo of them they started to get hyper and silly, as usual.

I love seeing them cuddling each other. The only other times they sit closely next to each other, is when one has the iPad and the other wants to watch it too, or when they sit down for meal times. We all try to have a sit down in front of the TV and have cuddles before bed. Doesn't happen very often but I am trying my best to get this as a routine because we all enjoy it when it happens, then we have happy babies going to bed too! 

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Do your children ever have sofa cuddles?

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