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Summer Holidays have started for most children. The weather hasn't been too bad for us. We've had some lovely hot Summer days and we have had a some right gloomy days just like it's Winter. One thing I love to do during the Summer holidays and other hot days during the Summer is go out for a long walk with a picnic. I haven't had time to do that yet this year but I did go down to the park with my friend, nephew and Elliw.

A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely people from Sistema to review a few of their Summer Picnic set and I had to say yes! I am a big fan of going out in the hot days and go out for a picnic. I much prefer it over any indoor meal.
How to prepare for a Summer walk and picnic
1. Plan ahead - Check the weather forecast. Check that the day is nice enough for you all to go out and have a picnic outdoors. If your baby or child has naps then it may be best to plan around their nap time unless you don't mind them missing a nap or sleeping in the car.
2. Prepare - Some people prefer to prepare their picnics the night before or maybe wake up a little earlier and prepare the food in the morning before going.
3. Buy the right boxes - There is nothing worse than thinking you have closed a lid on a lunch box then when you arrive to your destination, get your picnic out and it has leaked everywhere or the lid has opened! The best lunch boxes are the ones with the clip air-tight lids.
4. Prepare for the weather - You may not mind going out for a walk even if it is a rainy day! You could still have your picnic outdoors if there is a bit of shelter or there may be some cafes in the place you choose that allow you to have your own food in their buildings. You may need to prepare with your clothing too.

 Yoghurt To Go comes with two 150ml pots. They are perfect for yoghurts, baby food, snacks, school lunches or left overs. I have used these for my girls packed lunch and put cut up strawberries and other fruit in them. They are the perfect size and the right size to fit into the lunch box {below} too.
Knick Knack Pack comes with 4 square pots. They are pretty small so not ideal for food but great for little accessories on your desk. I have not used these yet as I am yet to sort out my 'blogging space' in the house.
Sauce pack comes with 3 35ml bottles. Perfect if you have a salad and want some salad dressing to go on top later on in the day with your picnic. Or if your child is a big fan of mayonnaise, tomato ketchup or any other sauce. We have used these often. Very easy to clean and not your usual cheap quality sauce bottles either.

Lunch Tub has been used so many times the past few weeks! It really has been a life saver. It's saved me washing Mia's lunch bags on a daily basis. At first I thought I may be to big for a lunch box for school but the height and width is just perfect. There is a tray at the top which has space for two sandwiches if crust is cut off and also 2 small spaces for maybe cut up fruit as there is a tight lid on top of the spaces. Underneath the tray in a big space ideal for extra lunch boxes treat.

Picnic Box is there perfect size for a family picnic to fit all your sandwiches and other treats. I am yet to use this box. It will be used in the next couple of weeks as I am going to go for a long summer day walk if the weather is right, of course!

Snack Attack is a 410ml small box perfect for little snacks for picnics of school lunch. There is a small side space too, again, great for cut up fruit.

Snack Attack Duo is great for sandwiches or other picnic/lunch food.

All products are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. They are all also BPA and lead free.
Overall I am very pleased with every product I received from Sistema. They will all be used often and the high-quality of the products I just know they will last for years and years. With their air-tight clipper and lids they are perfect for lunch boxes and picnics. I would really recommend these to anyone looking for picnic or lunch box boxes/products.
You can view more products on their website Sistema
You can buy these products from most supermarkets such as John Lewis, Robert Dyas and online Amazon.
* I was given these products free of charge in return of an honest review. As always, all images, words and opinions are my own.

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