Feeling Motivated

FINALLY! I have been waiting for this feeling ever since I arrived back home from Thailand. After having a huge gain during the three weeks I was in Thailand I have gained 1.5 stone since. It makes me feel sick, disappointed and so mad that I let myself go like that. I worked so hard to reach 3.5 stone and now I have to work even harder again to get back to it, and loose more!
I can finally say that I have got that 'feeling' back. I can't really explain what that feeling is but I feel motivated. I feel happy and determined to get rid of this weight now. I lose 2lbs last week which I am really happy about. I am aiming for an even bigger loss this week. I will be cutting out bread, cutting down on my cups of tea's and drinking more water and eating more speed food {vegetables, fruit & salad}.
I'm fed up of not being able to wear most of my clothes because they are too tight on me and not feeling comfortable going out anymore. I get paranoid about how I look and paranoid about what people may be saying about me because I am big. I decided to do a food plan, printed it out and stuck it on my fridge. Now I have said this plenty of times, that I am going to stick my plan on the fridge BUT this time I have!! I am really looking forward to each meal that I have planned for this week. They're different and some new recipes too.
Saturdays are my weigh day's and I do usually have a treat but I think for my next weigh day I will have a treat within my syns. The following weekend I will be going to Liverpool for the day and night with my partner, so I want to feel good and it would be great if I could be in the lower end of the 15 stone or in the 14 stones would be even better.
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Start Weight: 17 stone 3.5lbs.
Current Weight: 15 stone 7 1/4lbs.
This week: -2lbs loss.
Wish me luck guys!


  1. Good luck!!
    Great meal plan! Mushy Pea Curry sounds interesting x

    1. Thank you! Never tried it before so I am interested to see what it tastes like! xxx

  2. Good luck, the meal plan looks excellent. :)


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