I love taking photos. I am not the best, but that doesn't bother me. Anyone who knows me personally, know that I always have a camera at hand whether it is my camera or my iPhone. I take at least one photo a day. I have captured 99% of our days out. The other 1% is probably when I either forgot my camera and my iPhone was out of battery. I have thousands and thousands of photos on my laptop and I should really take the time one day and just print each and every one of them out. Thinking about it, I have got another laptop which has thousands of photos on to, which I should really fix before the photos are deleted.

I have always loved taking and looking at photos. I can sit for hours looking through photo albums. I'm lucky that my Taid likes doing the same too and he has hundreds of photo albums. I've been through some but not all of them. We will do it one day. I think capturing days out is a good way that you can look back and just think back to that day. Every photo tells a story somehow, doesn't it?

I love taking photos of all kinds. Although I am not so much into taking photos of flowers close up, I love scenery and capturing family photos and of my girls. Something that can tell me a story, something that can take me back to the day it was captured and remember it like it was yesterday. I think without half of the photos I have, I would have forgotten about most days.

Taking photos of the girls is something I try and do each day. I love looking back at photos from when they were newborn and comparing them to now. I love making collages to see how much they have grown. I don't think there will ever be a time in my life when I will stop taking photos.


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  1. I love taking pictures too. what camera do you use? i've just bought a cannon 1200d and so excited to use it!


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