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I honestly can't believe that we are going shopping for two school uniforms this year. How is that even possible? Luckily we will only need to buy one jumper and t-shirt for Elliw as she can also wear Mia's old ones. My partners Mother is buying Elliw her school jumper and t-shirt and Mia's Dad's Mother works in a school uniform shop so she gets Mia's school uniform, very handy! Me and my partner will be buying the extra bits such as the blue cardigan, trousers etc.

The first day of school can be an exciting time for every parent, no matter how old your child is. It can also be an emotional day too for most parents. I'm going to be mixed emotions on the first day I think. Seeing Elliw in a real school uniform is going to be hard but exciting too see. The baby of the house is growing up, too quickly. Mia is starting Year 1! How is that possible? Year 1!

Preparing for the first day back at school can be stressful, emotional and expensive for a lot of parents. Especially that some schools tell parents that the child needs the school badge on each jumper and t-shirt, even sports kits. I understand for school jumpers and t-shirts, that is for safety too for when they go out on trips but I don't understand it for sports kits too? Luckily my girls can just have plain t-shirts for their P.E lessons.

School Uniform Checklist
- x2 School jumpers
- x2 School t-shirts with badge
- x2 School t-shirts no badge
- x2 Plain t-shirt for P.E
- x1 P.E trainers
- P.E shorts or joggers
- School shoes
- Cardigan in schools colour (girls)
- Jacket (girls/boys)
- School dress
- Shorts/skirt -
- Plenty of socks
- Hair bobbles
- New bag
- Lunch box

For some schools you may need to buy some stationary too. There are many shops with plenty of offers with stationary during Summer time.

Is your child excited going back to school in September? Can you think of anything else that I haven't mentioned in the checklist?

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