Top 10 Things To Pack When Travelling Abroad

Going abroad is an exciting time for anyone, whether it is your first time or you 20th time! But the most hated thing (for most people) to do, is packing. When I went to Thailand, which was the first time I went abroad, I didn't pack until 2 days before. I had no idea what to pack, what was important to pack and what was not important to pack. Luckily my partners parents go abroad to Thailand every 3 months and have done for the past 10 years, so I got some great tips off them and they helped a lot.

Before you pack, write a list of everything you need. It might be easier to do it in order, for example; Clothes, Night Clothes, Beach, Kids etc. Remember to pack that list with you so you can tick them off again when you pack abroad to come back home! The last thing you need is to leave something behind.

This was the best thing I had brought. I took over 600 photos when I was in Thailand. I wanted to capture something every day. I wanted to look back at the photos and remember the day. I took my main camera, spare camera and my iPhone.

This is a tip I got from my partners Dad. Take all cables for your cameras, phones, iPad and any other technical item you are taking with you, but also bring spares with you, just in case! It may be a good idea to pack them all together into one zipped bag or plastic bag.

It may be pretty important to bring your mobile phone. If you have an iPhone like me, then you may know you can't take the Sim Card out, but you could buy a spare and cheap mobile phone abroad. My partner used his Mams old phone and I borrowed a phone from the next door neighbours in Thailand. It wasn't top of the range, but that is the last thing on your mind when you're on holiday. A mobile phone is great in case any of you lose each other and want to contact family back at home.

This may not be on a top list for many people but I wish I had taken my Selfie Stick out with me more whilst I was in Thailand. There were hundreds of people using them. If you want a photo of all of you, a selfie stick is a great idea.

This is the one thing me and my partner didn't pack. We really regret it. My girls had over 70 mosquito bites each. We took them to hospital in Thailand and we were charged £60+ for their medicine. Other countries are different to ours. I was in the room talking to doctor in Bangkok Hospital, Hua Hin and Elliw coughed. Doctor told us she needed medicine for the cough, although she had no cold, it was just a normal cough. So I am sure you get the picture, try and remember to take your own medicine and try to avoid the hospital/pharmacy abroad unless you really do need it. You may even need some paracetomal yourself as you may get a tummy upset whilst abroad.

Different countries have different plug-in's. Luckily my partners parents had universal plug adapters at their place in Thailand. It's not something people think about when packing, but if you want to charge your phone, use the hairdryer and charge your other things such as laptop, camera etc, then it is a good idea to pack it.

I don't mean reading books. I mean books to help you learn more about the country you are visiting. Maybe you can buy a phrase book, so you can try your best to talk in their language and try to understand their language when talking. Buy a map or a book talking about things to do in the country you are visiting.

This is something you probably won't forget anyway but it's still a good idea to write it on your list (1). You can exchange in your own country or abroad.

This is the main thing if you want to travel abroad! Can't go anywhere without it!

Am I missing anything? I'd love to know!

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