Our Child-Free Evening

Last Friday me and my partner made last minute plans. Mia was off to her Dad's for the night and we asked my partners parents if they would take Elliw for the night. We both felt very relaxed and decided to go somewhere for food. As we started driving we were forever trying to think were to go. In the end we decided to go to Aroy Dee Thai Noodle Bar in Bangor.

Before I went visit Thailand I never took any interest in Thai food and if I am honest, I didn't fancy trying it either. The first time I properly tried their food was when I was in Thailand itself. Now, I love Thai food but as long as it is not too hot. We both had a starter, main and dessert. It was really nice sitting in the restaurant not having to tell a child off and making sure they were happy and busy. It was nice to be able to have a chat just me and my partner with no one interrupting. We caught up on a lot of things and it was lovely to unwind.

After the meal we decided to go for a spin in the car. We went to Anglesey and went on the back roads, got lost a couple of times but finally found our way out. We were driving for a good few hours, just going on roads we had never been on before, and just to be nosey. Again, we were catching up on things, and chilled out. In the end I started to get really tired and fell asleep a few times.

We arrived back home at midnight and I went straight to bed but my partner went to catch up on the soaps. It was a really nice evening just me and him for a change. Every single day we never really get that chance just me and him. In the evenings, recently Elliw hasn't been settling until late so we are both stressed and end up arguing or just falling asleep. So to have that peaceful time together that Friday evening was something we needed.

* I was not given anything to review this restaurant. This is just my personal opinion and review that I wanted to share with you all


  1. Oooooh Date Night! Lucky you!! Looks like you had a great time:)

  2. Yumm! I am so looking forward to going back to Thailand this April already! Looks like you had enjoyed your child-free night. :)


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