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I am forever looking for new storage boxes and baskets. I particularly love wicker baskets as you can buy certain ones to go with the décor of your home. I recently reviewed 3 storage baskets from The Basket Company. When they arrived I was overly pleased with the items. They are very good strong quality baskets, which is something I was looking for.
This white wicker rectangular storage basket was perfect for the kitchen. If I am honest, the basket isn't supposed to be where it is in this picture. The kitchen ceiling collapsed so at the moment our kitchen is just basic and we only have a few bits out on the tops and shelves. This large white basket was perfect to stick on the shelves for now. In future it will be on top of the fridge as it looked better there.
The neutral coloured lining in the basket removes easily and is washable, which is really handy. The basket is 48cm in length, 35cm wide and 17cm high which I think is perfect size. I do think the size of the basket is perfect for those little bits and bobs you want to store away but not put on show. That is one thing I love about wicker baskets, they look nice but you can hide your junk!

The second basket I reviewed was the deep white wicker basket which also has a neutral coloured washable lining. I am not quite sure what made me choose a deep basket but it has been really handy. I have been keeping my bits and bobs from my small craft business in this basket and it has been great. I decided to choose the medium size basket as I thought the large may have been to big for my likening. This particular basket would also be perfect for bedroom and bathroom storage.

My third and final basket I reviewed for The Basket Company was this fantastic quality, grey rattan storage basket. I ordered a large size and it's just perfect. At first I wasn't too sure to order it or not, but I am really glad I did. The edges of the basket as you can see, are thick but great strong quality. I have also found this basket perfect for my bits and pieces. This basket would also be perfect for bathroom storage or even in the kitchen to hold fruit!

Overall, I am very pleased with all 3 baskets. I can't fault them. All 3 are fantastic strong quality basket, which are sure to last many years. They are perfect in my home.
* I was sent these item free of charge, in return of an honest review. As always, all words, images and opinions are my own.

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