Hollyoaks 20th Birthday

Every evening once the kids are in bed I go and cosy up on the sofa to watch my favourite programme, Hollyoaks. I have been watching Hollyoaks for roughly 5 or 6 years now and I even managed to get my partner to be obsessed with it too. We can't go a day without watching it, lucky we can record the soap every day so we don't have to miss it!

Hollyoaks is full of drama. There have been serial killers, gay marriage, male rape, domestic abuse and much more. One thing I really enjoy about Hollyoaks is how it covers real life events. Did you know that Hollyoaks is the first ever soap to cover male rape? Hollyoaks also did the first ever gay marriage. There have been so many stories through the years and my favourite storyline has to be the 'The Bus Crash'. The scene where a bus crashed and killed one of the most loved characters Rhys. As well as Maddie, Neil and Jono. Another great story line I really enjoyed was Sienna Blake's bad antics when she kidnapped little Tom and faked her pregnancy.

My most loved characters have to be the feisty Mercedes McQueen, Brendan Brady (who didn't love him?!) and Ste Hay. Hollyoaks' most recent stories have been Kim Butterfield being very controlling over her sister Lyndsey and copying everything she does and wear. The story of Harry and Ste's secret relationship - which is now not much of a secret since John Paul revealed them kissing in Tony's gay pride event. The most exciting story line has to be the glove hand killer. Who do you think it is? I actually can't think. One minute I think it is Kim, then I think it's Lyndsey? I can't wait until we find out.

On the 23rd October Hollyoaks will be celebrating their 20th Birthday and airing their 4, 240th episode. It's going to be an amazing week for Hollyoaks. Great British Bingo has gathered up some great Hollyoaks facts in this infographic for the round up of the soap's 20th birthday -

Do you watch Hollyoaks?
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  1. I used to love Hollyoaks, I started watching it about 8 years ago, but then stopped watching it about 4/5 years ago. I sometimes wish I'd carried on! x


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