Watching You Grow... Elliw

My littlest little girl. My little terror. My darling daughter. Watching Elliw grow in the past few months have shocked me. It's shocked me because she really is growing up to be a child. Her speech is coming along fantastically well - which means she is talking a lot more. We are having proper little conversations now, which feels weird. Another thing I am noticing with Elliw is that she is eager to learn how to write and draw. She has always been behind in her development so to hear her asking me to write words down for her to go over, just feels a bit odd.

Elliw really is a Mammy's girl. She doesn't let me go most of the day, unless she is at school. She constantly wants me in the same room as her all day, ever day. She will cling on to me and hardly ever will she go sit on that other sofa opposite me if I am in the same room. She will need to sit next to me, right next to me. Although it can annoy the hell out of me - I try my best not to get annoyed as much anymore because I know one day I will miss it. But at this time - it is really annoying and stressful.

I am not going to lie, Elliw is really hard work. With all her screaming, demands, clinginess, tempers (throwing herself on the floor), no sense of danger and constant on the go but that is what makes her Elliw. That is my little girl. I am not used to the clinginess and constant demands through out the day because Mia is totally different but Elliw wouldn't be Elliw if she didn't have her antics all day. Every day when I go to toilet, I open the door and there she is sitting on the top step of the stairs waiting for me. Every day when she constantly asks for food between meals and snacks, every day when she screams 'mam' over and over again, every day where she is stuck by my side and every day she does not stop jabbering and chattering. Those days will come to an end eventually and I will miss it. I don't see how I will miss any of the clinginess, screaming and tempers but I know I will eventually. One day she will stop wanting cuddles with me. One day she will stop following me and sitting on top of the stairs waiting for me. One day she will stop following me - and I will miss it.

Watching Elliw grow really does make me sad some days. She may be my last baby - which makes me a little bit more sadder. But watching her develop ever so quickly in the past few months and even weeks has amazed me. She is growing to be such a funny, clever and loving little girl. Although her tempers can tell another story - as i said, Elliw wouldn't be Elliw if she didn't have those temper tantrums on a daily basis.

Elliw has so much energy it is un real. She can't sit still. Not nowhere. She can't have cuddles still, she will forever move. She wakes up 6am - 7am every single morning - 8am is a lie in which doesn't happen very often but how she has the energy through out the whole day I am not sure - not even Mia can keep up with her.

Watching Elliw grow has amazed me and making me think many things and seeing things differently. I won't be able to re-live any of these moments ever again. My little girl will be a teenager, then an adult and moved out. These things that annoy me now - I will miss them when she's gone. Time goes too fast.


  1. Watching our darling tyrant angels really is the most amazing, but challenging thing, in the world! A lovely post #JustAnotherLinky


  2. It is such a lovely stage to observe. I think you notice so much more how they develop when they are young. When I teach reception class the comparison and difference from the start of the year to the end is huge! Make the most of it, it really does go quickly you are right X #justanotherlinky

  3. Its crazy just how fast they grow up. Sounds like she's doing well though with her writing an drawing. Thanks for hosting #justantherlinky

  4. Ahhh my girl is just starting the temper tantrums! She'll be 2 in January and all of a sudden she's become independent! But I do love this stage, everything is new and everything needs to be discovered. I'm trying my best to be like you, to just enjoy these moments because soon enough they'll be gone. Sad! #JustAnotherLinky

  5. I've got a shadow all day too. It can get frustrating, but you're right, its impossible to comprehend how fast the stages fly by

  6. #Babypink is turning into a shadow. Like you I'm amazed at just how quickly she seems to be growing and developing.

    Her brother didn't really crawl. Then around 10 months started pulling himself up on things and standing.

    #BabyPink crawled at 8 months then last week pulled herself up and is standing.

    I know I'm going to miss having her around. Following me everywhere. Having to get her brothers to distract her so I can sneak to the shop for milk or bread.

    As my neighbour says. "They are only babies for a little while, hold her now while you can. Before long she'll be grown up"


  7. Bless her! Time does go far too fast with little children. #justanotherlinky

  8. She's gorgeous and yes, this is so true! Kids do grow up too quickly, so we should cherish all these moments. My children are much older and I was just thinking of my eldest - when did you grow up to be taller than me? I used to be able to cuddle you... #justanotherlinky

  9. It really is quite scary how quickly they grow and change before our eyes! I have noticed a huge difference in the twins since they started to go to nursery school. In the past I was always a daddys girl and T was always a mummys boy but recently they have swapped and I is now like a mini me and my shadow, which I do love! Gorgeous pictures, popping over from #HappyDays Kirsty Hijacked By Twins x

  10. Its always a shock to see how quickly our little ones become grown up. My 'baby' turned 21 a few months ago, and while Im not bothered about beimg the mim of a fully fledged adult (ok, I mind a little bit ) I really dont know how it happend so quickly.
    Its great that you are taking the time to stop and look at your little one and store those memories of her as she is now. #Justanotherlinky

  11. Lovely post. Time does really fly by. Xx

  12. Funny how children can be so different isn't it? You are so right though, her behaviour is what makes her her and the same as my LJ, her antics make her who she is and who I love. Lovely post, Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  13. Daughter is the best gift I've ever had! I am happy to watch her growing and her smile in the morning and her hugs when I take her out of a cradle. Love in here custom essay Be happy!


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