What To Expect Now You're A School Parent...

If you're a parent of a child who goes to school then I am sure you can relate to this post but parents who's children have just started school September been then you will soon be able to relate to this. Being a school parent isn't as easy as you think. It isn't just all about the getting them ready for school, dropping them off at 9 and picking them up whatever time they finish. There are other things you will experience during your child's first, second, third (& the rest) years of school.

Parties - More than likely your child will be invited to a lot of parties. I would advise you to buy a pack of birthday cards so you can put them aside just incase. Also you could buy little toys bit by bit, just incase because some parents may hand invites out last minute and the last thing you want to do is run around last minute looking for a card and present. If you can't attend a party it is always best to let the parent know!

School phone calls - When you see that you are getting a phone call from the school all kinds of things go running through your head, 'is my baby ok?' 'is she/he hurt?' 'what have they done?' etc. When most cases is they are only asking a question or telling you about something that is going on at school.

Christmas concerts - I always well up with emotions at Christmas concerts. Both my girls will be doing it this year and I can see a few tears coming down watching them. Watching your child up on stage can be a huge moment and a proud moment for both parent and child. Bring your camera because you can't get those moments back.

Money - You will be spending quite a bit of money every year towards the school. This can be for concert tickets, school trips, towards a charity, swimming lessons or anything else that the school may do through out the year. 

You may need to pay for tutoring - One expense that a lot of parent don’t account for is tutoring. It’s very possible that your child will need more help, whether it’s in the form of hiring a maths GCSE tutors or extra English support.

Sports Day - Another proud moment for parent and child. Most Sports day events rely on weather so expect it to change if it rains. They can change days last minute so it may be harder for working parents to attend. 

You will make new friends - More than likely you will make friends on the school yard. There are many types of parents that you will find one the school yard but you will recognise a few as you will be seeing them 5 times a week. It's always great to make friends with parents who have children in the same school as your own children.

Charity events - Your child's school may get involved with many charity events and by getting involved they may do a day where you can wear your own clothes, pyjama days, wear spots days or anything else that goes with the charity they are raising money for.

Social Media - Your child's school may have social media pages such as Twitter or Facebook and if they do then go like/follow them as you will get updates of what your child is doing during the day or week, maybe there will be photos too. It's also another great way to have updates and reminders.

Are you a parent of a school child? Can you relate?


  1. My girls are not of school age yet but this was such an interesting post! Must admit I'm kinda dreading the schooldays! Especially the kids parties bit! I was never a party girl as a child so the thought of a kids party brings me out in a cold sweat! But the pack of generic birthday cards are a fab idea! It's just knowing where I've put them that'll be the problem!

  2. I can relate....I keep a stock of little presents and card for parties....The amount my girls get invited to is unreal. They don't go to them all though....We wouldn't have any time for ourselves if they did. lol
    We have a charity event nearly every week where I have to donate a couple of pounds....It all adds up!

  3. No there yet but I am a teacher so yes, it does all sound familiar. The cards and present this is a great tip. I think keeping a stack of Christmas cards would be good for the same reason. The thing that drives me nut as a teacher is when parents don't keep their contact details up to date. Worth checking the school has got the right email and mobile number, especially if you kid has been at school for a few years.

    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter x


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