Christmas Countdown

When Mia was born in 2009 she was only 20 days old for her first ever Christmas. All she did was sleep, feed, cry, dirty nappy and sleep again. That is all she could do. She had lots of cuddles off family though. This year has been different. She has actually started a countdown. First off she counted down to her birthday, which is on the 5th December. Every single morning when she wakes up she will tell me how many days we have left until Christmas.

I am kind of looking forward to actual Christmas night. I am looking forward to see if she did the same as me when I was a child. I used to write Santa a letter and I used to wake up a few times during the night. Although I am looking forward to see if she has gotten to that stage, I am not looking forward to it because I know I will just be shattered the following morning. We will see!

It is really nice to see that Mia really does understand Christmas this year. Although, I have said it the past 2 years. I've thought she understood Christmas for the past two years but this year she is totally different - which is good! There is only 4 days left for Christmas and although I am not properly in the Christmas spirit yet, I am really excited for the girls to open their presents Christmas day.

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