Family Day Out

Yesterday, Sunday 10th January 2016, we went out as a family. We hadn't had a family day out for quite a while and because we had taken Elliw to Seaquarium in Rhyl whilst Mia was at her Dad's I thought it was about time me, my partner, Elliw and Mia went for day out somewhere. So seeing as Mia was in her Dads from Friday night until Saturday evening, we thought Sunday was the perfect day to go somewhere. I woke up pretty early with the girls whilst my partner had a small lie in.

We all got ready by 11am and first of all we went out for lunch at The Antelope Inn. Mia was looking forward for her favourite chicken curry and rice, I had chicken tikka masala, Elliw had her usual chips and chicken nuggets and my partner had cod and chips.The food was delicious and because we were one of the first people that arrived because they weren't serving until 12pm, we got to choose a decent table with a lovely view of The Menai Bridge. We didn't have to wait long for food so that was a bonus and we were lucky enough to get out of there without having to buy pudding for the kids as they were super excited to go to the playcentre.

I didn't manage to get any photos at the playcentre because the girls were just too busy having fun. Unfortuently, at one point Mia did get into a fight because a boy a year or two older than Mia punched Elliw (which I didn't see). Mia hit the boy back because he hurt Elliw and that is when I saw Mia hitting him and the boy kicking and punching Mia back. I don't think it was hard because no-one cried. But I had to tell both of them, seeing as the boys mother did nothing. Other than that incident, the girls really enjoyed themselves.

It was a really relaxing and fun day with Mia and Elliw and it feels really nice when Mia gets to join in with family days too. Seeing as she goes to her Dads every weekend (Friday-Sat one weekend, the next is Sat-Sunday etc) and the past few weekends have been a Saturday until Sunday, it was nice having her home on a Sunday to do something as a family. 

What do you like to do on your family day outings?


  1. Oh your girls are so beautiful! I love love spending time with the kids at weekends. It sounds like you had a fab time together.

  2. Family time out however you spend it and wherever you go is worth every moment. Sounds like a lovely lunch treat. #MarvMondays

  3. Nice day out! I've never been to the Antelope Inn despite driving past it millions of times! We went to a playcenter yesterday as well. There were a lot of boisterous kids there and there were boys fighting. I had a go at some as well because their parents did bugger all. (They were chucking balls around and one of them just missed my baby's face so I snapped). I hate playcentres!!


  4. Looks like a fun day out. It's probably really bad but I'd have been a little proud of my tot for standing up for a sibling.

    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter

  5. Ah I love family days out. We don't get to do them very often either as my OH and I don't get many days off together, so it really makes a difference. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo


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