My Worries With Baby #3

I am already 17 weeks pregnant and if I am honest, I can finally admit that this pregnancy is flying by. I found out pretty early and I had some worries and concerns in early pregnancy but I am worrying about different things now. I do think, every single woman who is pregnant worries about similar things or worries about something during their pregnancy. It's only natural to worry, isn't it?

I remember how I felt when I was pregnant with Elliw. I was petrified. I wasn't sure how I was going to 'share' my love. How was I supposed to give the same amount of love and attention to my second baby as I had for Mia? So many things went through my head. In the end I ended up with pre-natal depression. I am not worried this time about sharing the love as I know it will instantly happen once baby is born and placed in my arms. I do feel different being pregnant the third time than what I did during my first and second pregnancy. But I do have my worries.

Obstetric Cholestasis - This is one of my main worries. I am petrified that I am not going to be able to cope with it third time round. It is so tiering. Constant intense itching, all day, every day. I do hope the tablets and cream work better this time round than it did during my second pregnancy. It is worrying, as I will be in and out of hospital checking that baby is ok and also checking my bile acids by taking bloods each week. I am worried for trying to make that time every week, especially when the kids are in school.

Loosing Sleep - When I was pregnant with Mia and Elliw, I lost a lot of sleep, because of Obstetric Cholestasis. I struggled mostly with Elliw's pregnancy because I had to wake up to Mia. When I was pregnant first time, I didn't have to worry about waking up so early. I do wonder how I am going to cope with having to wake up to two kids, getting them ready and doing school runs.

Something Going Wrong - I think this worry is natural for all pregnant women. These things do happen, unfortunately. I won't have a midwife appointment now until mid April but I do have a scan on the 9th March which will keep my mind at ease. But I am glad I am out of the 'risky' stage now. So crossing my fingers everything goes well.

Gaining Too Much Weight - I gained way to much weight when I was pregnant with Mia and I put on a bit again during my pregnancy with Elliw. So far, I haven't put that much on but I am trying to stick to plan with Slimming World and aiming to loose weight. Although I don't want a gain or maintain, I would be happy with a small gain or a maintain.

Breastfeeding - I am really hoping to breastfeed with Baby #3. I am worried about how hard it is as I have heard many stories about breastfeeding. I am worried about the first few weeks and how the girls will react about not getting so much attention from me, because the baby will be needing my attention quite often during the first good few weeks. I am wanting to learn more about breastfeeding, if you know any sites or you have written any posts, feel free to post in the comments below.

Labour - I don't think I am actually worried about the labour part. I am worried in case I have to go in for an emergency C-section as I really want to do it natural again. But if I have to, then I have to! I am petrified about pushing baby out! That was the part I hated and most scared of in my other pregnancies too.

Afterbirth - I am really worried incase I am the same after birth as I was after I had my first daughter, Mia. I had a few stitches after giving birth to Mia and my stitches fell out during the first two weeks. The pain was unreal. They also wouldn't stitch me back up, so it took me nearly a year to feel 'OK' and healed again. After Elliw, it was the total opposite. I walked perfectly fine after giving birth to her, just felt a little bruised, but was full of energy and able to do anything and walk everywhere from day one.

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