20 Must Read Parenting Blogs

I have been a blogger for nearly 3 years now and I knew from the start that I wanted to be a parenting/family blogger. I learn many things on the ways such as taking better photos, writing better and learning how to write better posts. I do think a part of my learning is because I have read and still read some amazing blogs out there. Most of the blogs I read are pregnancy, family and lifestyle blogs.

I think reading other blogs is a great way of supporting other bloggers too. It's interesting learning about other people by reading their blogs, seeing what they get up to and all sorts. When I first started blogging I only read one blog (OhSoAmelia) then that went to two blogs (SuperBusyMum) and that's gone up to over 100+ blogs a week. Reading 100+ blogs a week is a huge number but it's mainly because I join into many daily threads on Facebook, join in with many linky's and run my own two linky's. I do have a few favourite blogs that I love to read on a daily or weekly basis and I thought I would list just a few of my favourite blogs here. If you haven't seen or read their blog before, take a look!

1. Oh So Amelia
2. Mummy Burgess
3. Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three
4. Super Busy Mum
5. Hello Archie
6. Hello Baby Blog
7. Hello Beautiful Bear
8. Budding Smiles
9. Twin Mummy and Daddy
10. Lamb and Bear
11. Sophie Ella and Me
12. Sparkles and Stretchmarks
13. This Mama Life
14. Write Like No ones Watching
15. Bump To Baby
16. Raising Emily
17. Our Baby Blog
18. Lived With Love
19. Lily Mae Adventures
20. Something Crunchy Mummy

Do you read any of the blogs listed above?


  1. I think I read all of these....hehehe
    Great list :)

  2. Thank you for including my blog! :) I also read pretty much all of these apart from two which I am now going to have a look at. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Great list! I read quite a few of them as well! Xx

  4. What a great list and I was totally shocked to be on there! Thank you so much. You have list I d loads of my faves too. I've got quite a few posts lined up for the next couple months sharing other blogs, YouTube channels etc. It's nice to share the love. Thank you!! 😘

  5. Thank you so much for having me on there!! I love all these blogs too and I of course love yours!! Xxxx

  6. Many familiar names there, yes, some I read and some I follow on Instagram!xx

  7. Ahh thank you for having me on there! I always worry about my little old blog so it is nice to see someone who actually likes what I post! I read quite a few on that list, I find most of the blogs I love on instagram. xx

  8. I LOVE Mummy Daddy and me Makes three and have been following her for a while now on instagram. She is one of my favorites. i haven't heard of a lot of the others but I enjoyed them and even followed some on instagram as well. Thanks for sharing and check out my mom and daughter blog at http://rosetolife.com

  9. Aww thanks for including me lovely!! Lots of good'ns on there!! Xxx

  10. Eeek thank you so much for including me, that's so lovely of you! There's a few here that I've not come across before so I'm going to sit down tonight and have a good read :)
    X X

  11. Wow thank you so much for including me Hun!! I read all of these blogs and they are all incredible, and yours too! The first blogs I ever read were Bump to Baby and Oh so Amelia so it's an honour to be included with all of these :) xxx

  12. Thank you so much for including me Beth! There are some fab blogs here which I read regularly (as well as yours!), so I'm surprised my little blog is on your list! Thanks again hun x

  13. I read 11 out of all those. :)

  14. Thanks so so much for including me, I'm over the moon! x


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