Laptop Learning, Blog Awards and Car Selling

This week for Weekly Moments is a little different. We as a family haven't done anything outstanding or very special this week but the girls have actually learnt how to play games on my laptop. You may have also heard that it is blog awards season! The 3rd thing that has been a change this week is, we finally have our family car ready for baby #3 to arrive.

If I remember rightly, on Tuesday I let Elliw play on the laptop for about 15 minutes. It was pretty funny at the start but got quite annoying in the end as she was a little confused with the mouse. She has finally got the hang of it though and now loves playing games. Mia had a go the day after and they both had 10 minutes each. It was so nice watching them learn something new and really enjoy themselves and being proud of themselves learning something new too. They have both asked to play on it again after but I don't want them to be stuck to it as I am worried incase they click the wrong button somewhere, as the laptop is where I work/blog from. I will allow them about 15-20 minutes a few days a week and it's been a good excuse for them to behave well too!

You may have realised that it is Blog awards season! I am not really the kind of person who will go on and on about things like this but I would like to get the word out there and let people know that I would love them to consider my blog for certain categories such as pregnancy and family. I have currently been nominated for Best Blog of the Year and Best Pregnancy blog which I really appreciate! If you would like to vote for me, please do read this blog post first to what my blog really means to me.

My partner put our Audi A4 car up for sale at the start of the week and kept worrying it wasn't going to sell as no one had called on the first day! I did laugh at him with that and I reassured him it will go. Funny enough he had a call the following day and the car was sold Wednesday evening. We have our new family car and we love it. It is a Touran 7 seater we have bought and has plenty enough space for us all. The girls were so happy when they saw it, and can not wait to sit right in the back of the car soon!

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