33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

The weather has been SO hot this week for us and a bit too hot for me, especially going on school runs every morning and afternoon. Having days like this I am just praying these next few weeks just fly by now. I went to hospital on Thursday with reduced movements and I got quite worried. But as we were on our way to hospital he started kicking and moving. We waited 2 hours to be seen and I was put on the monitor and he was happy and safe thankfully. 

I've been feeling really tired and too hot this week. In the evenings I really struggle to relax after the girls have gone to bed. Usually me and my partner will sit on the sofa to have food and catch up on the soaps but I get restless legs and feel really uncomfortable so I am forever moving around and it does really annoy me.

I had my normal monitoring on Tuesday and Friday. All was good. I also had my weekly bloods done too. Next week I have my growth scan.

If you read last week's pregnancy update you may have seen that my itching had gone worse and it made sense that my bile acids had risen from 7 to 40 in just a week! My bile acids are now down to 18 which is good but still raised. I am still itching a lot during the day and night. I think it will be constant there now until baby is born. 

MOVEMENTS - He scared me on Thursday but since then he has been moving loads. His kicks are getting stronger and stronger each day. 


- Restless legs
- Uncomfortable
- Tiredness

I have to sleep with a fan on! The itching isn't as bad as the other week but it's still there. I still itch during the night and before I go to sleep but at least I can catch up on sleep this time. I really struggle to get out of bed now and it doesn't help that I am making extra trips to the toilet either. I get really achey and so uncomfortable during the night.


  1. The hot weather must be making everything uncomfortable but not long to go now. Good luck

  2. I found that the heat really takes it's toll when your pregnant. hope this week is cooler for you.

  3. Little one will be here in no time! You look wonderful mama :)

  4. Ouch that sucks about the itching! I bet it must be tough being pregnant during the summer, I hope the fan helps x

  5. You look fabulous and it's very nearly time. Hopefully we'll get some lovely cool breezes to help you out this summer. Ice lollies, that's what I lived on during the summer when I was pregnant :)

  6. I really hope the fan helps, I cannot even begin to imagine how uncomfortable you are x

  7. The hot weather is a pain so I can imagine how you feel.

  8. I can't imagine how uncomfortable you must be! xx

  9. I can't imagine how it is in all of this heat. So humid and sticky. Not long now x

  10. This hot weather is bad enough at night without being pregnant too! Feel for you mama xx

  11. Sorry to hear that you're tired and restless and this heat can't be easy! Your little boy is nearly here though, which is exciting :)

  12. I could feel the uncomfort with your words. The weather is big cause. Stay well, dear.

  13. I remember being pregnant with Harry during the Spring/Summer season and the heat drove me crazy so i have no idea how you must be feeling with the itching added into the equation. Not long left to go now though lovely! xx

  14. So close! I'm sorry that the itching is still there, and the heat can't be helping with that. But, not too long to go now xx

  15. Almost there, as soon as the new arrival is here you'll have forgotten all about the uncomfortable months but I do hope you are having a better week with all this

  16. Oh bless you, it sounds as though you're having such a tough time at the moment. Not long to go now, I hope things ease off for you before then xx

  17. I gave birth to my first at 33+1. It's scary reading your post thinking I had no idea. I hope things get a bit better. Not long to go now!


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