Keep Your Child Safe This Summer

Summer is the time the sun comes out, the temperature rises and the perfect time for family outings. Although Summer can be fun for all the family, it is still really important to make sure your child stays safe and healthy during the weather and temperature change. There are many things to think about on how to keep your child safe and healthy and most of the things are common sense and simple.


Most children love visiting the beach. It can be a fun and relaxing day for both parent and child. The beach is all open with not much shade at all, depends where you visit there may be some shaded parts on the beach. However there are a few things you should do when you visit a beach:
  • Make sure you put sun cream on your child to protect from sun burn  • Ideally let your child wear clothing that protects them from the heat of the sun  • If you have a baby, a sun shade or tent would be best to keep baby in the shade  • Make sure you have plenty of water at hand


Some children don't mind travelling and some don't like it. However, travelling in the car on a hot day can be quite uncomfortable for a child and adult. It is so important to make sure your child doesn't get overly hot in the car whilst travelling and ideally it may be best not to travel so far when the temperature is high.
  • Open windows or use air conditioning
  • Be sure never to leave your child in the car by themselves {windows open or not!}
  • Make sure the child is wearing cool clothing, no jackets
  • Be sure the child is comfortable
  • Keep them entertained
  • Make a few stops if it is a long journey


For most of us the hot weather has started before the school summer holidays and so it is important to be sure that our children are kept safe at school too. Most school uniforms include a jumper but because of the hot weather you could send them to school in a thin cardigan or thin jacket instead of the jumper. Other things to think about:
  • Make sure you put sun cream on your child in the morning before school
  • Shorts/Skirts and dresses may be best for your child in the hot weather
  • Sun hats and sun cream should be taken into school too


When the temperature rises it may be quite warm in the house and may get very uncomfortable for the children if it is too hot. There are ways to cool them down and cool their bedroom down so they can settle for a better night sleep.
  • You could open windows to get some fresh air in
  • Before they go to bed, put a fan in the bedroom to cool the room down
  • Wear very loose clothing, or they could even sleep with just a nappy/underwear
  • Be sure their duvet isn't thick, you could swap it for a blanket instead 
  • Let them have a drink on the side just incase

How do you make sure your child stays cool and safe during this hot weather?


  1. What a great post and full of so many tips. I think this will be really helpful for parents, especially first time mams and dads xxx

  2. Great post, with lots of good tips for traveling with little ones.


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