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When I was pregnant with my first daughter the first thing I wanted to do once she was born was go out looking for work. Because of my age I had some great support from a local support centre. In 5 months I was given a job which I stayed at for 2 or so years. I had to quit as I had moved 30 minutes away, I don't drive and I moved in with my partner who works 40+ hours and we just could not afford the childcare for both kids.

GoToMeeting did some research and made an interesting inforgraphic about work around the globe. They compared a few countries such as the UK, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, US, Germany and Sweden about how they work and other information such as difference in minimum wage. Did you know that South Africa had the highest most average working weekly hours with 43.3 hours and Germany with the least 34.5 hours per week.

What shocked me the most was the difference in the parental leaves after having a baby. The UK gives 52 weeks parental leave where the US only gives you 12 weeks. With booking holidays and including the national holidays in each country, Sweden gives out the most holidays with 36 but the US gives their workers 0 holidays! Here is the infographic for you to see:

* This is a collaborative post with GoToMeeting


  1. I can't believe the US only gives 12 weeks that is not enough time at all in my opinion and Sweden I knew about.

  2. I have been lucky enough to be able to stay home with my kids for the most part. The only time I was ever working after I had them was about a year after I got divorced. I wish they gave mothers more time with babies after birth, it is such a struggle for some families.

  3. It's very interesting article! Thank you so much for posting! Cheers!

  4. 0 holidays from the US? Wow, that must be the worse law out there. I could never accept a job where I don't have at least 21 days of holiday a year.

  5. What an interesting comparison,I guess Uk isn't that bad than as we get along break for maternity leave.

  6. Interesting comparisons. 12 weeks is not enough, I mean not even getting the time to physically recover. Im a Sweden fan right now

  7. Very interesting to know that US don't get any maternity leave. Didn't know that! X

  8. Interesting details. All I know before was the Netherlands has the most holidays per year. The infographic is essential to choose on which country would be best for your working necessities in case you're planning to move.

  9. Thanks for sharing this interesting information! I wasn't aware that US gives only 12 weeks of maternity leave.


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