My Thoughts About My Third Labour

I have been thinking about writing this post for a few weeks now but seeing as I am 37 weeks I thought it would be a good idea to write down how I feel about going into labour for the third time. Being pregnant for the third time and having to look after two children is totally different to the first and second pregnancy. You don't really get time to yourself often, there is always something to do during the day and night sometimes. I have found this pregnancy a lot hard but yet again I also forgot I was pregnant most of the time during the first and first half of the second trimester. The days just fly by. It is pretty hard to forget I am pregnant now though.

I haven't really thought about labour so much this time and I think the reason is because I just don't think it is real. Still in the third trimester I find it hard to believe that a new baby will be joining us soon but before that, I need to give birth. It's strange I know, but that is just how I feel. Up until the other night I suffered with regular tightenings and kept getting closer together and for longer each time. It lasted a couple of hours but I decided to stay home and see how it went. Eventually they did stop and just became irregular the following day. 

That night did scare me a little and I think something came to me that did get me a little worried about going into labour. I have never gone into labour myself so I would like to experience going into labour myself this time without induction, we will see.

My first and second labour were totally different. My first labour lasted 12 hours 29 minutes when my second labour only lasted roughly just over 2 hours {established labour}. I am hoping for a quick labour this time round again but I am not sure I can be that lucky twice. After birth the first and second time were completely different experiences. After having Mia i struggled to walk, I had a big tear but after a week or so my stitches fell out and it took at least a year to feel ok but still now I feel the odd twinge because they didn't stitch me back up. The second time round I had a tiny tear and I was up on my feet within a few hours of giving birth. I recovered really well second time round so I am crossing my fingers it will happen again this time round.

I think my only fears of this labour is maybe having an emergency c-section, not being able to recover very well after birth and just going through that labour pain again. Those are my main fears. I am of course so excited to hold my little boy for the first time. I really can't wait for that part. Most days I just look in his room and everything is there ready for him and the only thing we are waiting for now is him, It's so exciting.

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