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When I found out I was pregnant for the third time back in October, I started looking for baby items. I had a shock at how many new things are out now compared to 4-5 years ago when I had my last child. One thing I was shocked at most was the amount of choices between cribs, cots, baskets and other items there were for baby to sleep. I was recently sent a baby hammock from Poco Baby. I was really interested to see how this looked like in person as I had never seen a baby hammock before.

When I received the parcel I was really looking forward to make room in the living room for the hammock, so I sorted that out first and waited a few days before building the hammock. I decided to build the hammock myself instead of asking my partner. I made sure I laid everything out first to make sure everything was there, which it was. I must admit I found the instructions pretty difficult to understand in some places but it may just be the baby brain. Eventually, I got the hang of putting all the bits together and in the end the hammock was built. I didn't time myself but it actually didn't take that long to put together.

The hammock frame was much bigger than I thought but luckily it did fit in the corner I wanted it in. It looks perfect in our living room and I can not wait for baby to arrive and have his first little sleep in it. I am really pleased with the size of the hammock and the hammock is for babies aged 0-9 months (or 29lbs) which I think is great because most things these days only do up to 6 months.

What's included?
- The frame with all required compnents
- Hammock
- Pack of two sheets
- Hammock mattress
- Mattress cover
- Travel bag
- Spring
- Spring cover
- Cross bar
- 12 month guarantee

This baby hammock benefits many things. I personally think when you look at the hammock it looks nice but not quite sure about if baby will be comfortable and what kind of benefits does the hammock have for baby sleeping in one. But this Poco Baby hammock retains the recommended supine position and also helps alleviate flathead syndrome. The hammock can move and there is a piece of material that reduces the movements so it's safer and it's recommended you use it when baby is left unattended. The movements are similar to what baby felt within the womb which can be a calming feeling for baby from day one, so a good change of as longer sleep time. Baby is in the natural sleep position and the hammock is full breathable with its netting material.

Another thing I think is great with this hammock is how it comes with a travel bag and very easy to seperate and put together again. It comes with a travel bag which is a bonus, so it's great if you are wanting someone to baby sit or just want to take the hammock to someones house so baby can have a rest.

I will be writing another review in roughly a month or so time to let you all know how we get along with the baby hammock. Next time there will be photos of baby boy in the hammock too. Keep an eye on my social media such as FacebookTwitter and Instagram to find photos of baby boy in the hammock when he arrives.

You can purchase this gorgeous baby hammock at Poco Baby Hammocks for £164.99

* We were kindly sent the Poco Baby Hammock free of charge in return of an honest review.
All words and photos are my own, as always.

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