What I Would Do If I Won 1 Million Pounds

I think everyone would like to win a million pounds one day, am I right? I mean who wouldn't want to win that big amount of money? I honestly would love to win that big amount of money one day. When I was younger me and my Dad used to watch the Lottery every Saturday and we would always tell each other what we would love to spend the money on if we ever won the money. Of course, my mind has changed now to what I would spend the money on seeing as I am now a Mum of 3 children and living with my partner. There are so many things money can buy but if I was to win one million pounds these are my top things I would do:
Pay off the mortgage and move house: I would pay off our mortgage so we wouldn't need to pay each month for years again. I think this would pull a lot of weight from our shoulders. My partner and I have been talking about moving house in a few years time and somewhere totally different from where we currently live. I don't think we would sell our current house as we have spoken about renting this house out if we ever moved. I have always liked the idea of being a landlord, so this would be perfect for us both and for the children in future.

Go on a family holiday and travel: I think this would be the second thing we would do after paying the mortgage off. We loved visiting Thailand last year and would probably visit there again but also I would love to travel to other places such as New York, Italy, France and I would love to visit California. Me and my partner have always said we would love to go travelling once the kids are older or old enough and have their own life.

Savings for the children: I would put a large sum of money for each child but I wouldn't let them have access to the money until I feel they are mature enough and already worked for some money themselves first. If I ever won one million pounds the last thing I would want is for my kids to think money gets handed to you on a plate. I would love for them to still go out to work and earn money. 

Do my driving lessons: If I am honest, I have had many driving lessons in the past but I kept stopped because of money, it just got too expensive in the end. I would love to pass my driving test one day. So if I did ever win any money, paying for my driving lessons would be the top of my list to do. 

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Have you tried playing Lottoland? 

What would you do if you won 1 million pounds?

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