How to take your own wedding photos

When planning a wedding, you might find your eyes watering at the costs of ‘necessary’ elements of your big day, such as the cake, dress alterations and the DJ. But sometimes these can be done by yourself with some clever planning and perhaps some persuasion skills…

Sometimes the biggest cost comes with hiring a photographer, so let’s take a look at how you can save a lot of cash, by taking your own wedding photos:

Put out disposable cameras on the table
Get your guests to do the hard work, so you don’t have to! Disposable cameras on the table are great when it comes to capturing authentic photos from your big day and of people you may not have had much time to sit down with. It offers you a fun perspective from your guest’s point of view and shows what they got up to while you were making the rounds and slow dancing with your partner. For under £100, you could have a couple of disposable cameras on each table and not have to worry about accommodating someone you don’t know for the day.

Ask a family member to use your SLR to capture important moments
If you have a friend or family member who is a dab hand with a camera then kindly ask them to take some shots with a high quality SLR camera during the ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, etc. You could ask two or three people to ensure they don’t feel like they are missing out on those special moments – don’t ask your Mum to take photos during the ‘I dos’ for example. If this 9-year-old can manage, your cousin - who is a pro at selfies and Snapchat - definitely can.

Set up a hashtag
Social media hashtags are a great way of compiling photos from your wedding, particularly as people use higher quality smartphones these days - capturing images that could compete with cameras.

Mount a Go Pro on your dress and film EVERYTHING
Perhaps a little ‘out there’ but Go Pros are small enough to be attached to your dress and can then capture everything on your big day. You could make a fun documentary of your wedding and capture everything from the day you go to the jewelers to choosing your rings to waving goodbye to everyone on the night.

Take a drone with a camera mount outside for the group shots
Drones are great for aerial shots, offering you a new way of capturing group photos that would not have been achievable two or three years ago. If your wedding is taking place in a particularly spectacular location, then sweeping shots of this as well as of your guests will make for a fun video to enjoy once the day is over.

Set up a tripod and use a remote timer
A simple tripod set up on stable ground and a remote timer is an easy way of capturing group shots or pictures of you and your partner. Simply set it up in a spot with a great background and have everyone assemble in front. You could even use it later for a makeshift photo booth, complete with props and a fun backdrop – here are some great ideas on how to put one together.

Save a little cash by implementing these ideas and still take some stunning photos to share with everyone afterwards! 

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