The 3 Fashion Tips Every New Dad Should Know

Since there are so many tips for new mom fashion, I thought it might be nice to do a little something for the dads. These suggestions are intended to inspire you to create the wardrobe you've aspired to own as you settle into your new fatherly role. Whether you've been planning on tweaking your wardrobe for quite some time, or haven't really thought much about it, these tips will be simple, straightforward, and stylish. Now you can look forward to a fashionable family weekend outing.

1. Tops

Second to the family dog, T-shirts are a man's best friend, but I'm not talking about the seen-its-better-days, ratty, tattered version of the rags you simply can't bear to part with. Those are fine around the house, so long as you partner hasn't quarantined them, but when you step out, swap the old tees for something a little more stylish.

When selecting a tee, the Art of Manliness fashion crew believes you should pay close attention to the fit, and I wholeheartedly agree. Kind of like Goldilocks, pick one that's not too big and not too small. Typically, a little stretch from the help of spandex will aid in creating the perfect fit. Crew necks are a nice choice, but if you're going for a V-neck cut, make sure it's not too deep—chest hair need not apply. Also consider raglan styles, striped patterns, and the henley shirt for something trendy and stylish.

2. Bottoms

OK, fellas, the tapered, acid wash dad denim of yore does not belong in this category, and the style experts at GQ couldn't agree more. In addition to that, jean shorts in the same vein need to take a back seat here. Instead, let's focus on combining comfort and style. A little step outside your safe box is all it takes to ramp up the fashion quotient.

A nice soft denim in a trendy cut is definitely the way to go. Yes, I am referring to the skinny jean, but these come with extra room in the crotch area along with relaxed fits. These look great with loafers, sneakers, and even sandals. Your shorts should skim the knee and present as a wrinkle-free flat front chino without pleats or elastic waistbands.

3. Shoes

Lastly, we have the shoe category. Every dad needs comfortable footwear, especially when trying to keep up with a little one. The key is to pay attention to details and choose modern silhouettes. Whether you prefer old-school athletic classics, like the men's sneaker editors from Lyst suggest, or you'd rather sport something more contemporary, there's a shoe for every dad's taste.

To start, I would recommend owning at least one pair of plain white trainers, such as the low top Adidas Stan Smith; one pair of casual slip-ons, like the Lugano loafer; and one pair of boots, like the Clarks desert style, to cover weekend activities. Pair the trainers and loafers with all of the above mentioned tops and bottoms, and the boots with your skinny jeans for several different looks.

With such simple tips on your side, I hope this will help new dads increase their confidence while stepping into the role of the man their children will admire. After all, dressing the part can help make you feel more like the integral and irreplaceable part of the unit your family all knows and loves.

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  1. Some great ideas!

    My partner still mixes colours that shouldn't go together!


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