15 Things You Should Never Say To A Breastfeeding Mum

Freddie is my third and last child. He is also my first child that I have breastfed. I have never said anything bad against breastfed mums in the past and I have always admired how well they have done feeding their baby the natural way. I have now been breastfeeding for 8+ weeks and Freddie feeds really well which I am so pleased about. I don't plan to stop feeding until he weans himself off, hopefully 12+ months.

I was so nervous feeding out in public for the first time when I was at a local play centre but there wasn't anything to be afraid about. I had one stare off another Mum but it wasn't a bad look stare so it didn't pull me off feeding in public in future. I have fed in friends and family houses, in the car and in public. I am yet to feed in a busy restaurant/cafe and that is one place I am very nervous about feeding but Freddie needs his food and I will stand my ground if anyone tries to tell me to stop feeding him or go else where. I fed him once in a pub restaurant but I was in a corner so nobody could really see me.

Since I started breastfeeding Freddie I have noticed the amount of negativity breastfed mums get and the most annoying things people can say to a breastfed mum, especially when they have never breastfed - or even tried! Not only is it annoying, it's actually upsetting. From my experience of formula bottle feeding and breastfeeding - breastfed mums do need more support. They need the positivity off others to feel more confident or just have that extra boost if they are feeling low.

Breastfeeding isn't easy. The first 6 weeks are the hardest I have found, especially the first 2 weeks. Your breasts go huge and hard after giving birth whether you breastfeed of formula bottle feed and breastfeeding whilst your boobs are solid bloody well hurts - no matter how much cream/lotion you put on. You also have no idea how much milk your baby is getting and your baby may just use you as a comfort, so you may find that baby is constantly on you and constantly feeding which is called cluster feeding. I decided to introduce a dummy to Freddie at 4 weeks old because I felt he was stuck on me and I found it difficult with having two other children to look after as well.

15 things you should not say to a breastfeeding mum

1. Why don't you try expressing to give yourself a break?
Why should I express? My baby won't be a baby forever. I shall get my break once baby is older thank you.

2. I'm Tired!
Of course you are. It's not like you've had a baby that's constantly attached to you wanting a feed every half hour or hour.. oh and don't forget about the lack of sleep too! Yep and you're the one that's tired... 

3. Express because I want to feed the baby
Just no. This is one of the worst ones you can tell a breastfed mum. I am not going to express just because you want to feed the baby. Just no.

4. Bottle is best
How is that exactly? Breastmilk has many good benefits and nutrients for my baby. Do not tell me bottle is best when I am just trying to do the best for my baby, thanks. 

5. So, when are you giving baby a bottle?
What makes you think I want to even give my baby a bottle exactly?

6. When are you planning to stop?
Why is it any of your damn business when I want to stop breastfeeding MY baby?

7. How will your other half bond 
There are many ways for my other half to bond with baby such as skin to skin contact, communication and giving baby to dad in between feeds. 

8. Can't you just give baby a bottle?
No. and for some breastfed babies it isn't that simple to JUST give a baby a bottle. Some babies don't take a bottle because they can't get used to the teat.

9. Baby can't be hungry again!!
We have no idea how much milk baby is getting so if he is hungry again then he will feed again - simple! It shouldn't be your problem.

10. I can't see you sticking to breastfeeding
Well. Just thanks for the support...

11. I'm so glad I'm not breastfeeding anymore
And you're saying this to me why?

12. Your boobs are huge, that can't be comfortable
1. You shouldn't be looking at my boobs and 2. I ain't trying to impress you! 

13. You chose to breastfeed - don't complain of no sleep!
Are we not to have a little rant now and then like how most people do?

14. Don't you find it weird?
Do you find a lamb feeding of its mother weird? Oh and where does your cows milk come from?

15. Can you go and feed somewhere else
Why don't you go and feed somewhere else if you don't like it! 

Next time you try and give support and advice to a breastfeeding mum, make it a positive one and if you have nothing nice to say - then just say nothing at all!

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