Aldi's New Baby Range

Aldi's is the UK's sixth largest store. It is also known as the store with fantastic bargains and a store where you can save a lot of money compared to other supermarkets. On Thursday 22nd of September Aldi's is introducing a new baby range to the specialbuys. It will be in store and online but you best be quick as once these items are gone - they are gone! You don't want to miss out of their bargains. The new Babyrange has many items to get your started as a parent such as a high chair, pram toys, changing bag, car seat and much more. The prices are really affordable

Prices start from as little as 79p to £59.99. Some of the items that will be available are:

The elephant or chevron print high chair will be on offer for a fantastic £29.99 and the Graco Endure car seat for just £39.99 and there will soon be a review on the blog about the car seat. The fun toddler reigns bag packs will be priced at £7.99 and the buggy at just £34.99. Be sure not to miss it. If you go to store, buy a bag as all money is donate to RSPB.

Will you be visiting store or looking online?

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  1. I am so tempted by the changing bag but still have the one the released last year so really don't need a new one. Eep they are just so nice!


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