Babyzen ZEN Stroller Review

A few weeks ago we were given the Babyzen ZEN stroller to review. After testing the ZEN out for the past few weeks I thought it was about time to write this review about the stroller. Not long after receiving the stroller, I wrote my first thoughts on the Babyzen ZEN stroller. I have managed to use the stroller in different weathers, different grounds and on the school run. 
The Babyzen ZEN is a 3 wheeled stroller which we reviewed with the carrycot. The ZEN is designed to go on any grounds. The stroller is extremely smooth to push and the handlebar can go in 3 different positions with the side buttons. My partner and I are quite tall and I did find the handle a bit too low. The stroller is perfect on all grounds such as a bumpy pavement, grass and perfect for family adventures. The stroller comes with a basket, which I think is a little on the small side if you have more than one child, but other wise it is an ok size. 

The unique multi-position bassinet is the only bassinet that is certified as a bassinet, seat and bouncer all in one. The 3 positions are: flat, semi-seated and seated. The mattress on the bassinet is thick and comfortable for your little ones, along with it's 5 point harness to keep babies safe. The bassinet is suitable from birth to 6 months of age. From 6+ months the seat is put as a world facing stroller and there is a 3 position back rest. The seat and the canopy fold with the frame so there is no hassle taking the stroller apart.

Babyzen ZEN is the first and only stroller with a headlight which is activated by some buttons on the handle bar. This is perfect for safety if you are going for a walk in the evenings when the sun's gone down. This stroller is available in 5 colours: black, blue, pink, grey and red. The frame is available in black or red. 

OVERALL: I have loved reviewing this Babyzen ZEN stroller. It's a really stylish stroller and I love the large bassinet and large hood. Freddie always looks snug when he in the bassinet. We have tested the stroller out on our walks and on the school runs. I did find it a little heavy sometimes when I've had to hold one of the girls hands and the other hand to push the stroller. However, it is one of the smoothest stroller I have pushed. The wheels are great quality and perfect on different grounds. 

I have struggled to get used to folding the frame down and place the bassinet back on to the frame. I also wish the basket was a bit bigger as I do think there is a bit of room to make it a tad bigger than what it is. Otherwise, the stroller has been fantastic. I've had a few good comments about the stroller - especially with the headlights as not many people have seen them before. I would recommend this stroller if you are a family who like going out for walks and want a suitable pram that goes smooth on most grounds.

- One of the smoother strollers I have pushed
- A large bassinet
- First stroller with a head lamp - great for safety 
- Looks very stylish
- Lovely material
- Easy to clean
- Comfortable mattress in the bassinet
- 5 point harness
- Large hood, keeps sun and wind out
- Not too large, fits in boot perfectly

- Small basket 
- Handle bar doesn't go high enough
- A little heavy to push with one hand
- Can take a while to fold, if you're not used to it

You can purchase a Babyzen ZEN stroller on their website here. The retail price is £849.00.

* We were given this stroller free of charge for a few weeks to test out.
All words, photos and opinions are my own - as always


  1. It does look pretty good and solid. The headlights are a great idea but it needs to be easily folded down. Great review and thanks for sharing. #picknmix

  2. This looks seriously smart, I remember having a second hand pram with my first son - the wheel fell off in the middle of town ;) Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

    Stevie x

  3. We live down small country lanes so a head lamp would be very handy indeed! I had no idea they did such a thing and the fact it's hot three wheels would be good for the tarain as well! Stopping by from #triedtested xx

  4. I like this Babyzen ZEN stroller. It has comfortable seat and beautiful canopy. 3 years ago i bought In Step Safari Double Swivel Stroller for my twin baby. Now i want to buy a best double stroller for my nephew. I think Babyzen ZEN stroller would be perfect.

  5. this stroller looks really great.

  6. I like babyzen stroller because of its comfortable seat and sun canopy.

  7. The greatest advantage of an stroller 2017-2018 is that they can fold up very easily for storage and they are extremely light. So whether or not you’re keeping it stored around the house, or you’re outside pushing it around, it will not be a burden to you. Thanks for the amazing article.

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