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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Brother & His Sisters {Siblings September}

It's hard to believe that Freddie has been with us nearly 2. Life sure has changed for us all but in a good way. We all love having Freddie around and it has been really nice seeing the girls bond with their little brother. I have found Mia very motherly to Freddie. She loves holding him and picking him up when they're both lying on my bed. She has tried picking him up in other places but I have to tell her she isn't allowed to without me in the room because she is too young but she gets really upset over it, bless her.

Since day one Elliw calls Freddie, her Freddie Flower or Georgie but Freddie Flower is what she calls him every single day. I'm not sure where she has got that nickname from but it's so adorable. She isn't as fussed about holding Freddie like Mia is which I guess is kind of good in a way otherwise they will both be arguing over who gets to hold him just like they argue over everything else.

The summer holidays were hard. They argued a lot and I do think they were ready to get back to school and start a routine and as sad as I am for Elliw starting full time school I do think she was ready for it now. Out of the three, she really is the hardest work. She is full on 24//7 and her tempers are unreal, but yet again Mia's attitude stinks most of the time too. But isn't it mad that they can really put you down and make you struggle - yet you love them so much and you wouldn't change a thing because at the end of the day their personality is what makes them, them!

{ oops , please ignore the blurriness of this photo! }

I have struggled since having Freddie but he is starting to get into a little routine lately which is making it easier to do a few things. He wasn't able to get into a routine any sooner because the girls were constantly around trying to wake him up all the time. The girls still come into my bedroom every morning to give Freddie a kiss and a hug, which is lovely and those kind of moments are just priceless.

Although it's been a tough 2 months, I wouldn't changed them for the world. They drive me nuts nearly every single day but I love them to pieces and one day I know I am going to want to go back in time and re live those moments because they're growing up too fast.


  1. They are so beautiful - you should be very proud of them

  2. Beautiful photos, it's very sweet that Mia wants to hold him. I wonder what he will think of Freddie Flower as a nickname when hes older xx

  3. What beautiful children you have and its lovely to see the girls are so loving .I love the photos too they are beautiful.

  4. You have some lovely photographs here and Freddie looks adorable! Congratulations x

  5. Oh my gosh, what cute photos! Great to have in years to come x

  6. Beautiful photos. It all so cute and memorable. xx

  7. You've got some gorgeous kids, they are such adorable photos! xo

  8. They are so cute. Lovely photos. Bless them.

  9. Omg they are adorable!!!! And 'Freddie Flower' Its so cute I can't control my awwwhs!!

  10. I love these they are great natural piccys and very cute!

  11. What beautiful children, these pictures are certainly to treasure.

  12. Kids can be challenging, my mummy only has me and it can be difficult. They'll be better once they settle back into a routine xx such sweet photos xx

  13. Oh My! How adorable are these pictures <3

  14. They look so cute all photoed together like that. Was it hard to get them all to look the same way?

  15. What a bundle of cuties! What beautiful children you have!

  16. Awwww! Look at them.
    Gosh your little man has grown so much already - Where does the time go.
    It's normal to struggle, I think that I will struggle and I will only have Hayden. So glad that you've gotten into a routine now though.
    Charlotte x

  17. Such adorable photos! It so lovely that your two girls treat Freddie so well with lots of morning kisses!

  18. You have the most adorable family! Great photos.


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