Three Great Ideas For A Little Adventure With The Family

My partner works full time during the week days, so when he is off work during weekends we try out best to go on some family adventures with the kids to make some memories. We live in a small village in North Wales and there are so many places to visit near by. We try not to spend a lot of money when we go out as there are so many things to do and places to go where we don't even have to spend money. If you're stuck on what type of little adventures you can do with the family, here are three ideas for you:

Scooters and Bikes
There are many cycle tracks around to go for a family bike ride. If the kids aren't keen on their bikes you could always let them ride their scooter. This is great for their little legs, some exercise and some fun as a family. Alternatively, if there is no cycle track you can go along the beach, a quiet road or even a forest/woods somewhere. 

My girls are wanting a pair of Heelys for a while now. They are trainers with some wheels in the heel so they can walk, run or ride. Skate Hut offer a wide range of different styled Heelys. Perfect as a gift and great to go out for a family adventure.

Walk in the woods
Why not get exploring and take a walk in the woods. Get your wellies and rain coats on (just in case) and take a walk around the woods and make it fun by finding creatures/animals and play other games. You could also write a list of things you may find in the woods and let the kids find them on their adventure, then tick them off the list. 

* A collaborative post with Skate Hut

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