7 School Memories That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic Instantly

School life is a time that almost everyone has some fond memories of. Because of youthfulness and innocence, you may see some things that you did during that moment as “silly” and naive. You may not be able to come to terms how you could do some of the things you did. You will probably laugh your ribs out when you meet your old friends and share about your “hilarious” moments at school. But some memories always stand out and are surprisingly common to many people. 

1. Boring classes
There was always a class that just seemed to drag on. You would pray that by some miracle your teacher would fall sick so that you skip it. Unfortunately, your prayers would go unanswered, and you would find yourself in that boring class. You would struggle to concentrate, but you would eventually find yourself scribbling funny things on the school furniture.

2. Your childhood crush
This is a classmate or schoolmate who made you shiver once you set your eyes on them. You probably were in a relationship that you wouldn’t want other people to know, thanks to your strict teacher or parent. You had to devise ways of communication- that tiny love notes that you would secretly pass to your ‘lover’ during break time. The innocence of your first crush and the way they made you feel, are some of the best feelings.

3.  Copying other people’s assignments
Your teacher gave you some assignment, but you couldn’t do it on time, or you had no idea how to go about it, or you just didn’t care. When the deadline drew near, you had to seek an urgent solution- getting your friend’s work and produce a similar or slightly modified copy.

4. School trips
This was the most awaited moment in a school’s calendar. You would go out of school at last, with your crazy crew. Exploring new places and eating your best junk with the freedom of speech to talk about anything and everything. The school bus driver and your teacher would have the hardest time when you were assembling to go back to school. Students would sneak to unknown places only to resurface some hours after the scheduled departure time. The teacher would be mad at you, and while putting on an innocent face, you would internally burst with laughter trying to plead your innocence.

5. Academic clinics
Once in a while, parents were called for meetings with their children and teachers. These were sessions where you, your teacher and parents would discuss academic performance as well as discipline. Usually, this would end up being an intervention, no matter how high your grades were.

6. Prize-giving days
Depending on the performance, a student either curses or highly looks forward to this day. It was depressing to see your friends scoop award while you received nothing. If you are lucky to be among the winners, you would be in your best attire as you proudly match to receive the award.

7. Being an official
This is a position which almost every student wished to hold. However, only a few got the privilege. Being an official felt like being god since you could command all the students even if they were older.

School was a place that helped shape many people's character and attitude. Its memories lighten up your days as you trace back to a time you had fewer problems to worry about.

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  1. Childhood crush! You got me! That beautiful girl always sitting on the first bench .. crushing my heart with one distant look! Yes I do feel pretty nostalgic right now.
    Thanks for the lovely piece of writing.
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