Family Saving Tips For Christmas

Christmas is just a few weeks ahead and is the most expensive time of the year for most families. As we have three children to buy for this year, we have tried our best to do Christmas on a budget this year but this can be quite difficult, and it can be difficult for other families too. Many families worry about the cost of Christmas but there are ways you can budget. Here are some tips on how to save money for Christmas;

1. Write A List
You can get your children involved with this if they are old enough. There are many catalogues in stores which you can bring home and look through. As for family and friends, list them all down and set a budget on each family/friend. 

2. Cut Back
There are so many people you think that you need to buy for but if you sit back and have a think (by writing a list) who you can cut back on this year. Maybe, don't gift swap with a friend this year? Buy just for kids and not the adults (that can save a lot of money!)

3. Cheap Decorations
We all love that Christmas feeling in our home (most of us anyway), but you don't have to spend a lot on decorations. There are stores and online stores which offer cheap decorations for your home. You could also get the children involved by making your own decorations. If you are planning to save for next year, shop for decorations around the January Sales! 

4. Shop Online
What's better than shopping in the comfort of your own home? But, if you like going out to shop, you can always shop for the 'big' items online or reserve items to pick up from a store. By shopping online, you can look at more than one store at the same time. There are sites which can help you compare prices and help you find the lowest price. Another great reason for shopping online is, you can see what your buying and tick your gift list as you go. 

5. Make Your Own Christmas Cards
This is another option that you could save money this Christmas. Kids will love this activity. Buy some card or paper and let them use their imagination by letting them create their own Christmas cards this year. 

6. Keep An Eye Out For The Deals / Check Out The Reduced Aisles
Keep a look out for deals in store and online. Also, look at the reduced aisles! You may be surprised at what you find on the sale shelves; this could save you more money than you were thinking. 

7. Buy Christmas Wrapping Early
It's late to do this year, but a great tip for next Christmas (sorry!). Buy Christmas wrapping paper during January; I have managed to get 10+ rolls for just 5p each for two years in a row now. 

8. Buy Cheap
This doesn't mean buy the cheapest and tackiest items, by 'buying cheap,' I mean go to the cheaper shops. If you have family or friends to buy for and even your children, go to the pound stores to shop for stocking fillers and gifts. Pound stores (or cheaper stores) have great gift items. So don't be a snob and shop! 

9. Go For The Cheaper Version
There are many overpriced toys gifts, you could save money by looking for the 'cheaper version.' You will be surprised at the price difference but how alike the items are. 

10. Set A Budget
This goes well with writing a list. If you have children, set a budget for each child. The same with friends and family set an affordable budget and agree it with them too. 

Christmas shouldn't be such a stressful time, but unfortunately, it is. Try not to worry about not having enough presents for your children as there is no such thing as too little. For tips on how to have a stress free Christmas this year, visit Emma's Diary.

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