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Sunday, 8 January 2017

First Week of 2017 {The Ordinary Moments}

I've had a bit of an up and down kind of week for the first week of the year. Last Monday night something clicked in my head that I needed to start walking again. Tuesday morning we did our usual school routine, and you can watch our full day here. I was shattered, as always and I didn't have the energy to go out for a walk, but I forced myself and straight after dropping the girls off at school, I decided to go straight for my walk. It totalled to 3 miles, and you can follow my walks on my Instagram page here.

On Wednesday we did our usual morning routine of getting the kids ready and taking the girls to school. I had planned to go out for a walk straight after the school run again, but it poured down with rain, I wasn't wearing a waterproof coat, so I got soaked through. Then Freddie started screaming crying, so we ended up back home so I could feed him. I felt guilty through the whole day and kept thinking about the walk. When it was time to get the girls from school I was still feeling guilty, so I ended up taking the girls on the walk which was just over 3 miles. I was expecting some moaning, crying and maybe a few rows, but it was the total opposite. The girls absolutely loved it. Mia moaned that her legs were hurting her but other than that, she really enjoyed herself. It was lovely watching them both play so nicely and using their imaginations. It took us over an hour to walk when it would have taken me around 45 minutes to walk, but it was worth the extra 15-20 minutes.

When we were nearly home, the girls asked me what were they going to do when they were home. So I told them a little routine; they go to the bath, change to their pyjamas, have food, play for a little and then go to bed. They were perfectly fine with it, and it all went smoothly too. I think the fresh air did them some good. In the evening I went to Slimming World and got myself weighed. I lost 2lbs which isn't brilliant for the first week, but I wasn't expecting a loss at all. This week is going to be different. I will be writing a post every Wednesday about my weight loss to keep you all updated.

After dropping the girls off at school Thursday morning, I went on the bus to meet a friend and her little one in town. We met in Costa, and I had a free cuppa, lucky day! It was a lovely morning and great catch up with her. When I got on the bus home, I decided to get off the bus in the village before ours, so I ended up walking over 2 miles home. Freddie slept most of the way and woke up about 5 minutes before we arrived home. The girls were in after school club Thursday, so I got a few hours to myself with Freddie.

On Friday I asked my partners Mum to take the girls to school because it was raining. I don't mind myself walking in the rain, and although Elliw likes the rain, I don't like the thought of both girls having to be in wet clothes in school all day. During the time that I would have been on the school run, I made Freddie and myself some breakfast, did some dishes, tidied up and waited for my Dad to come over for a cuppa. I don't see my side of the family often, so it's always nice when my Dad comes over once a week for a chat.

Friday evening Mia went to her Dad's for the night, and the rest of us went to a friend's house for food. We had a Slimming World Chicken Tikka (homemade) which was lovely. Elliw started to get really tired, so we decided to go home around 10 pm. We all had a really nice time and a good catch up.

Although I had only walked for a few days, I feel really determined this time for my weight loss journey. I've been back and forth with Slimming World, and it's only ever been in my head once when I lost three and a half stone. I've gained all that back on and more (embarrassing), but I am determined again to lose it all and more. I have 8 stone to lose to reach my target, and I would like to reach it by February 2018. I don't want to push myself too hard and stress myself out but this first proper week has been great food and exercise wise. I really want to stick to writing a weekly weight loss post every Wednesday, and I am hoping to vlog about it too.


  1. Ooh didn't know you'd started vlogging lovely, I'll have to subscribe! I love walking. Leaving the house always seems such a chore but it's so worth it when your out there in the fresh air xx

  2. Good luck with the weight loss and exercise - a good walk is great isn't it? 2lb off for the first week, at this time of year, is great really - I'm still eating the Xmas chocs! Love that photo of the girls together, they did great walking for an hour! x

  3. Sounds like you're doing so well with the walking. 2lb for the first week in January is really good, don't be so hard on yourself. xx

  4. I'm on a mission to shift my baby weight (it's been 8 months now that I've been expecting it to miraculously drop off but it ain't happening second time around). I love your approach to walking and it's something I can probably achieve if I can get my two in the buggy and pushing them to the park. You've inspired me to wake up tomorrow and put my leggings and trainers straight on rather than my jeans! Keep up the great work. Progress is progress! #KCACOLS

  5. I'm on a mission to start walking more too loosing 2lbs in your first week of slimming world is fab and i believe u can reach in your goals. #ordinarymoments

  6. Congratulations on your loss this week! I have yo-yo'd for the last 8 years and I know I can do it when I set my mind to it but I just haven't been consistent. To be honest I probably have 5 stone to lose! Walking is great and I have loved seeing your posts on Instagram this week #TheOrdinaryMoments

  7. Well done on the weight loss and walking and fresh air i think does everyone good and is good to free the mind too. well done x

  8. I'll be really interested to read your weight loss posts. I am thinking about doing slimming world, mainly as a bit of moral support for my sister as she really doesn't want to go alone. I have about a stone to lose but at the moment I am feeling a little unmotivated still. x

  9. I love walking my with kids, definitely more time consuming but they certainly stop and smell the roses. I wish the snow would go away so that I could do more of it. #KCACOLS

  10. Well done getting out there and starting the walking, its great to get the fresh air in us, horrid when its raining though and I dont like my ones getting too wet although they love it!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  11. Wow Beth, I cant believe how much walking you did last week! I remember seeing a couple of your walk pictures on Instagram in the week and thinking how impressed I was by how much you've been walking. I could definitely do with walking a bit more, especially with the little ones. I am terrible for driving everywhere! I'm looking forward to reading your weekly weight loss posts, good luck with it all and thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily x

  12. Most people put on some of the weight they've lost - don't let that get you down. The walking is what will get it and keep it off! #kcacols

  13. Great start to the year with the walking. I've done loads of walking while on maternity leave (which always takes so much long than if I did it alone) but I'm worried returning to work will mean I put on weight! Hopefully not! Great photos by the way! #KCACOLS


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