Me + Mine {February 2017}

This time last year, I posted my 18 week pregnancy update. It's so unreal to think that Freddie is now 7 months old. I also wrote a post about how the girls are feeling towards having a new baby brother and how they were talking about him, a lot and you can read that here. Our conversations this time last year were choosing a name for our baby boy and sharing my worries having a third child. One of my reasons for writing everything I thought about during my pregnancy was that I could look back and read them. It's mad how much one full year can change. Over 300 days ago we were a family 4, and now this precious bonus baby has completed our family and made us a family of 5.

We hadn't planned Freddie, In fact, we weren't thinking of having a baby until the following year (this year) or a few years ago. But he's here, and neither of us regrets anything. I honestly believe he came at the right time for us. We're all so happy, but of course, there have been ups and downs, which I have mentioned in many of my updates since Freddie was born. Having a baby puts a lot of strain on any relationship.  The sleepless nights, ridiculous working hours, looking after three kids, the cluster feeding stage and all the rest parenting can throw at you can be too much at times. I can hold it all in for a while, but after a certain time, I have to let it all out.

We've had a relatively good month. We celebrated Freddie's christening day on the same day as my late Great Nain's birthday. She sadly passed away just under two weeks after Elliw was born in 2012. We miss her ever so much. She would have loved to meet Elliw and Freddie. It was lovely getting all friends and family together and celebrating Freddie's day, as well as my Nain's birthday in remembrance.

Freddie turned 7 months old and has been teething a lot. We've had a few bad days due to teething, and he's changing so much each day. The girls absolutely adore him. They love entertaining him and cuddling him in the evenings. It's so lovely to watch their bond grow day by day. They're both amazing big sisters, and Freddie is loved so much.

The girls a week off school due to half term holidays and although we had a pretty lazy week, we did a few things to remember too. They were well behaved for the majority of the week. We've had a few family adventures by going for walks, and we've been saving money to visit Bluestone on the 6th. Elliw will turn 5 years old on the 5th of March, and she is super excited. We've got something small planned for her before we go away for the week. This month has been pretty good and filled with many memories.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Freddie looks so cute in his outfit! Your oldest is the spitting image of you :)xx

  2. It's crazy how time flies isn't it!? Love your photos - beautiful family! #bestandworst

  3. What gorgeous photos. I still remember all your bump updates and umming and erring if you were in labour. How has 7 months passed? You all look so alike in the pictures. Hope half term was fun and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  4. Oh these photos are gorgeous! I love their outfits. Freddie looks so smart xx

  5. Ahh these are just darling. What gorgeous outfits they are all wearing. I love these. Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. #meandmineproject


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