Teething Signs and Symptoms

Freddie's already got around seven teeth. Neither of my girls had that many teeth at such a young age. Saying that neither of my girls suffered from teething badly either. Elliw did a little at one point, but Freddie has suffered a lot with his teeth. I saw the signs from very early on at around 2 months old. Seeing your baby in pain is horrible. We just want to take that pain away but also when they are crying out in pain and half the time we don't know what's the matter with them. All we can do is cuddle them and be there for them. If you think your baby may be suffering from teething, here are a few symptoms to help you;


  • Alot of dribbling - Get the bibs and be prepared for change clothing
  • Loss of appetite - Try not to worry and try to keep them hydrated
  • Lack of sleep - You may find they're very unsettled and unable to take naps, try teething gel to help soothe their sore gums. 
  • Putting everything in their mouth - This is one of the first symptoms I saw with Freddie. Absolutely everything goes into his mouth. Very normal
  • Visible tooth - You may see the tooth through their gums, ready to cut through. You may also be able to feel it too
  • Rash - Some babies get covered in a rash when they are teething. This happened to Freddie and Elliw
  • Bum Rash/Sore - The same as above but in the private area. It can get very sore, be sure to get your Sudo cream at the ready
  • Stinking Nappies - Another sign of teething is runny nappies. Oh the fun of changing nappies all day long
  • Unsettled - A baby can be very unsettled during teething. Give lots of cuddles

Is your baby teething?

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  1. 7 teeth wow!! Archers only got 6 so far! I remember the amount of bibs we used to get through a day with his dribbling, it was insane haha xx


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