Make Your Garden Safe For Your Kids

The weather has been absolutely beautiful recently. Our girls spend most their time after school in the back garden. I like to think that the sun and fresh air will tire them out when they're playing outside. It's also a chance where I can have a cuppa or catch up with something if Freddie lets me of course. Now that they're old enough to play out in the back on their own without my constant supervision, we've been thinking that it may be best to start thinking about making the garden more child-friendly and safer for them. Especially that in the next couple of months Freddie will be joining them (with me too) once he can start walking.
We've been thinking of ways on how we can make our garden more safer than it is. Having safe activity floors would be a huge bonus for the back garden. This would be brilliant for Freddie as he grows up, crawling, walking and then learning to run. Kids have countless of falls throughout their childhood, so do adults. My worst fear is one of the kids tripping and banging their heads or backs on solid concrete floors. Making sure that there's safe flooring in the garden while they are playing would give me ease of mind. 

Making sure you have a fence and gate that only parents can lock and unlock makes your garden safe and depend on which type of fence you go for, it could be ideal for privacy too. At the moment we don't have a fence at the end of our garden. We live in a very quiet area of our village, and the back garden leads to a back road which is also quiet and rarely used only by my partner to park his work van. There are different types of fences to choose from. Also making sure that there are no dangerous items such as gardening tools or any other items that could be a danger to kids, are kept away in a shed or a locked box that the kids can't get access too. Having these items kept away will make the garden much safer for the little ones. We keep all our tools and items in a locked shed that they're not able to open. 

As well as keeping the garden safe for your little ones, make it fun. Buy some slides, outdoor sensory items, ball pits, paddling pool and outdoor toys can encourage your little ones to go outside and play. They will keep their imaginations going and keep them busy.

If your little ones like playing in the garden, fellow blogger, Cassie writes about a super cool garden subscription box that your little ones would love! 

How do you make sure your garden is safe? 

* This is a collaborative post. 

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