Save Money Whilst You're On a Family Day Out

The weather has been absolutely stunning the past few weeks, except for a couple of miserable days, but we can't complain. I've absolutely loved the sun shining most days recently. It's the perfect excuse to go for late afternoon walks with the kids after school and before their bedtime. During the week I can't do much with Freddie as I need to be in the area for the school run, so I tend to just stick around in the house or go for a small walk nearby. When it gets to Wednesday, I start counting the days for the weekend, and I start planning our weekend days. Another day I plan ahead is the bank holiday. My partner is lucky to have bank holidays off work, and so on those days, we tend to go out for the day as a family.

I was recently asked to take part in Provident's 'don't break the bank holiday' campaign. It's a campaign where other bloggers are involved in sharing their tips and advice on how to be on a budget. Whether it's a day out, cooking some fakeaways at home with the kids, garden play and more. We are a family of five that love going out on bank holidays and weekends and we always tend to stay on a budget. After paying the bills each week, money can be quite tight for us and so having to keep to a budget is something we have to do. Although money can be tight, we don't let it stop us from going out and making some memories with the kids.

Take a Picnic
The girls love getting involved with packing a picnic. By getting them involved, I put their empty lunch boxes on the kitchen counter and them to choose which flavour crisps and yoghurt they want. As well as picking a fruit and an extra snack too. With those little bits, they'll also have a sandwich, filled with ham, cheese or egg. As well as their little lunch boxes, my partner and I tend to pack a few extra sandwiches, crisps and snacky bits, so we have things through the day and not just one meal time. We will fill their juice bottles up, and we always have a few extra bottles of water or juice that we have in the cupboards to pack when we go for days out. By doing all this, you are probably saving more than £20, roughly.

Plan Ahead
I find planning ahead always helps you keep to a budget. By planning ahead, you can plan where you want to go and to see what's in the location you're interested in visiting. As having a day out with kids, it's always best to make sure there are things for the kids there. There will be some days we make last minute decisions, but we do find we spend less when we plan ahead. Wherever we visit, we work out a budget for that day and that all depends on entrance fees, shops possibly or anything else we may need to pay for on our day out.

Think Local
Sometimes days out in local places can be just as good as travelling out somewhere hours away for a day out. Going local is perfect for the kids who hate travelling in cars but also great for your bank too. Having a day out in your local area you could do a day without spending, at all. How great is that?!

Bikes, Scooters, Trikes
If your kids are anything like my girls, then they're constantly asking to take a scooter or their bike out if they know we're going for a walk. But we have found that when we do take their bikes or scooters, they tend to keep themselves busy on them instead of going into shops and they enjoy themselves a lot more. Until we end up carrying them on the way back to the car or home.

Avoid Shops
There are hundreds of places to visit where there are no shops. Whether it's a forest walk, a cycle track, a walk around the lake or visiting a park. If you plan your day ahead, you can find out if there are any parks nearby or a lake to sit by and eat your picnic, while the kids run around. I find when there are shops around, you're more tempted to have a browse and probably end up buying something.

My main advice is to plan ahead.

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* This is a collaborative post. As always, all words, opinions and images are my own.

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